Alessio Boschi Keshi Shark


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Apr 17, 2015
At first glance I thought it was a Dolphin, but it is another creative use of pearls with an animal theme

Alessio Boschi Keshi Shark

Keshi Shark

Also if you do a google search you can see the hidden surprise in the belly.

(If this was repeated elsewhere my apologies...I did search the guide to see if anything matched before I posted this)
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Alessio also lives and works, same as me, in Bangkok and we have the same source of pearls. :)
The shark's face looks a bit like a blobfish, but I'd wouldn't toss it back if I caught it.
I probably spend too much time looking at jewelry created with pearls and gems. Seems I've given up my hobbies for this LoL.

So creative and amazing, thank you!
I hope I did not step on your toes? I promise I did a search first.

I lovery his work. Somewhere, he is a pearls of the week. :)
I enjoy sharing them almost as much as the searching :)
Loving all the photos you post..I've not heard of many of these people so it's wonderful to find out about them . True artists.
No thanks needed, I enjoy seeing the creativity of Jewelry artists.
thanks for sharing BPDDC! That shark brooch is amazing!!
Considering your pearls are stunning, it is nice to know the quality is there in his pieces.

Alessio also lives and works, same as me, in Bangkok and we have the same source of pearls. :)
Im glad you like it, after the pet threads, I think I love animal themed jewelry the most (Pearls or not). I wish some one would start a thread on animal themed gemstone jewelry :)...I just might add some pics lol.

Definitely wouldn't be part of the catch and release program!
Thanks for sharing...such unique work!
That is such a unique piece.
Definitely a showstopper
That shark is amazing!!! And I love those earrings. Did you see the video to see just how large it was? Truly a masterpiece!