Is this a real pearl?


Mar 29, 2022
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Hello, I am new to this forum,
I ask for your understanding if there is something I don’t know well...

My dad brougth this giant clam pearl from his philippine trip before I was born,
and he said it was a gift from president’s daughter.
Since it has been at home for such a long time, I am starting to wonder what kind of pearl is this.
I have searched google, and first I thought it is kind of tridacna gigas.
And then I found another page, that this pearl might not be a real.
Please help me identifying.. Thank you and have a good day!


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It could be a natural blister pearl too, but the shell does seem like it's been cut or broken off the main shell, then polished to make it look better. Can you provide photos from the sides? To see where the "pearl" (or bump) meets the shell?
Even a photo of the backside would help!
Thank you for your concern!
I attached additional picture taken from its side.
I hope it could help to figure out...:)


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I didn't realize it was attached! That would make it a blister pearl - good call Douglas!
Yes, it looks like a bona-fide blister pearl BUT it has been polished (you noticed this jshepherd ) to "enhance it". Do you see those "lines"? It tells me either these have these are there due to polishing or they are the "abductor muscle scar", but easier to know if inspected in person.
There is also another option. This may be classified more as a "shell blister" rather than a "blister pearl". For it to be a pearl it would have had to form in the conjunctive tissue and then move to the shell where it would then be covered. This is more likely a result of something finding its way between the shell and mantle and then forming. This article may be useful: