A Weekend spent in Paradise at The 2014 RUCKUS by 2 crazy pearl lovers

Saturday the BIG day has arrived. It will be totally devoted to pearls nonstop until our eyes close well after mid night.

Breakfast is just delicious. Sitting on the terrace on a cool misty morning people ebb and flow through. It is like a kaleidoscope of people from all three forums, pearl soul sisters becoming good in person friends wearing pearls you drooled over in the privacy of your own home. Now only to drool over them in person.

Wendy has lots of questions about shell and nuclei from Mikeyy and when the suit case is mentioned he is sent to retrieve it. A few newbies sort through it but they really don't know what to believe so it remains open on a lounge for a time.

In passing through the living room to fill up my coffee cup I happen upon the PP IT wiz Scott setting up for the days presentations and he asks me where I want him to set up for the interviews? Interviews????? What interviews? I guess I am glad I did not know what was planned because I would over think it all. Jeremy forgot he had asked Scott to prepare for them so it was a surprise to us all. I was game as long as it was a Lucy and Ethel show. Me and stairs, no, but this called for me climbing them to talk it over my side kick couldn't do it without Wendy. We talked about who we would like to talk to because we had questions we thought you all might like to hear the answers to. We quietly asked them during the morning hours to prepare what they wanted to talk about or show or what we would like them to bring in with us.

Come down and get ready for the day. Walk through the foryer and look out the door and there is a group hunched over the fender of Jeremy's Tesla waving little baggies of pearls. OMG Douglas has his out there and my feet couldn't move fast enough. Wendy, Cathy, Rhonda is just arriving to the mansion she stops plus several others my mind blanks because I had eyes only for one big, big peanut shaped SofC pearl. As soon as it is in my hands one looks and it is love I seal the deal with Douglas. WooHoo and is it a beauty and mine all mine. Wendy passion is cherry pearls and one of Douglas' beauties is that wonderful cherry color. Her name went on that little baggie. Rhonda had her picks, Cathy had hers and several others were happy girls too. Those pearls did not last long at all. I was like the cat who ate the canary.

It is now just 9 AM and time to get ready for the talks. I am just going to list them here. Wendy has pictures to post. Over the next few weeks/months they all will be posted several of the usual places after a little editing for all to enjoy. I know I will watch them several times because of the good information that was shared.

Jeremy gave a warm welcome to us all. Thank you's to the Pearl Guide Admins Blaire and Caitlin.

Next up and in order was Douglas of Sea of Cortez Speaking on Restoration of the native pearl oyster beds in the Sea of Cortez, Josh of Kamoka Sustainability and Tahitian pearl culture, next up was a Q and A with Douglas, Josh, Jeremy Shepherd , and Sarah Canizzaro of Kojima and at noon we break to eat a fabulous lunch.

One PM we start up again with Blaire Beavers her presentation of Pearl Guide News, Nacre and the Latest trends in the Pearl Industry. Followed by Hisano Shepherd with her stunning little H new lines. Nobody stayed in their seats for this one we crowded around to get a much closer look at her beauties. last but not least Sheri Jurnecka with her very special designs.

The rest of the afternoon was spent looking at everyone else's pearls. Sarah's was on one part of the dining room table and that suit case of Mikeyy's was on the other. Josh set up shop on the grand piano top. Hisano remained on the presentation table.

For me I had asked some of the ladies on Pricescope to bring a few of their special pearls that I NEEDED to see. I was not disappointed at all. Their collections are just breathtaking. The pictures that have been posted do not do any of these pearls justice. Stunning collections all, each and every one of them!

At some point I was out on the terrace and I had asked Cathy who is the proud owner of the original famously called the "Loot" peacock Tahitian pearls if she had brought hers and she had. She pulled hers out and I put my new ones beside them. Luster...check... the same, woo hoo, body color...check...the same, woo hoo, peacock over tone the most important .component..CHECK... the same, woo hoo. About that time Jeremy appears and he can look down on the table and compare them, He says "oh the "Loot pearls" and their fat sisters". My pearls have been named by Jeremy and they will forever be called "The loot pearls fat sisters". I am so good with that. My pearls all have stories attached and this is a good one too.

Back into the kitchen I go for water and I run to Barbara and Sylvie. I have been wanting to spend more time with them it is time for a show and tell of all their pearls. These girls have TDF collections. One after another are unveiled to be examined. I am thrilled to have seen them and pictures do not do them justice at all. Others stop by to join our merry group and were we merry. I start talking about a pearl I was thinking about of Mikeyy's. Sylvie is wondering about white ss and golden's and Barbara wants to see some too as well as Rhonda. I bring some of his treasures to our table and pass them around. They are scooped up faster than you can snap your fingers. Will let them disclose what caught their eye but I will say when they saw them eyes were popping out of their heads and there were wide smiles too. Mikeyy's suit case was considerably lighter after the girls made their selections. No telling where Wendy has been but I am sure she has tales to tell too.

I am off to prepare for the evening's festivities.
2014ruckus 150.jpgView attachment 30317suitcase1.jpgsuitcase2.jpgsuitcase3.jpg
Mikeyy's suitcase of pearls.
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Mikkye was bringing Douglas two 1kilo sacks of nucleus for his Sea of Cortez farm. 1st quality and very white. 2014ruckus 162.jpg
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Mikyye told us there are several grades of nucleus. 1st, Second and if they have 40% not white 3rd. You can see mud streaks in some nucleus. The streaks can be seen though nacre of white pearls. We thought they were pretty 2014ruckus 168.jpg
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2014ruckus 165.jpg This batch in the Washboard shell are not as white as the 1st grade we saw in the 1 kilo bags. As you can tell there are different sizes also. Thank you Mikyye for bringing your profession for us to see. You are the hidden helper to the pearl farms.
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Mikkye also brought along plastic mabe forms to show us. These are glued in place with super glue, then nacre forms over the top.2014ruckus 182.jpg
2014ruckus 185.jpg Once they are opened the disc pops out and the mabe` is filled with resin and the Mother Of Pearl cap is installed. It can't be legally a mabe` if these steps are not done.
These man made pearls have a shell nucleus. Thank you again, Mike Rivers from The Pearler for your display of your job. 2014ruckus 189.jpg
14K Vintage Exquisite Diamond and Sapphire Band
I didn't get a photo of my Sea of Cortez pearl, which is very cherry and green. I also bought these two mabe` from Douglas. They are color shift from bright purple to teal.
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There is a brief intermission while i do something. When i return i will post photos of the morning talks .