A Weekend spent in Paradise at The 2014 RUCKUS by 2 crazy pearl lovers

Early morning hours on the coast are peaceful and this morning is no exception. I think Wendy and Bill are up close to 6 because I smell coffee as my head lifts off the pillow. We watch a little morning TV while sipping the morning brew then adjourn out to the terrace to watch the morning clouds lift over the ocean. What a view!

A look at the flower arrangements we did last night and we find them lacking...what to do, what to do.. eureka, Wendy clippers in hand decides to raid the gardens. What a difference she made inside and out!

Jeremy arrives and we get the chance for a relaxing conversation before we depart to Pearl Paradise. Before we do there are beds to be made.

The GPS fails us. Sends us over the mountain, down a valley, along lots of roads we have never heard of. Beautiful scenery but we wanted a fast get us there route wahhhhhh. Good thing there was not any desert but we hit every back road in LA. Finally we arrive at Pearl Paradise. WooHoo

Hugs to the staff, and visiting with Chenai, John TPO, John designer, and Angela, (photos). We finally get to meet in person PK1 from TPO from way back. If you are a long time Pearl Queen we used to post with this man. It was fun finally being able to meet another pearl friend from our past. He is just as nice in person as he was way back then. Now we can just call him at PP instead. Welcome back to our pearl community PK1 John.

Prowling the vault Wendy is already shopping. But never fear she is taking lots and lots of pictures. I am to distracted by the long awaited pearls Jeremy has had in his desk for me. The famous "Loot" Peacock Tahitian pearls that I missed out on many years ago I now have a chance to have something close to them. I am clapping my hands with glee at the sight of these.

Hugs and more hugs are given because Elizabeth, Pattye, Marianne, and Barbara have arrived. There are lots of pearls in the vault to prowl and paw though. There is a cart with lots of gallon bags with names on them. Me being nosey I spy one with Barbara's name on it. She is deep in conversation with the girls I start calling her name trying to get her attention. One of my all time favorite memories this RUCKUS is how her eyes go wide and I mean from eyebrow to chin when she spies the bag I am holding up with her name on it in my hand. She speeds around the big table to clutch the bag and pour them out. A very happy girl is she.

Wendy and I head back to the house with lunch for good man Bill.
TPOPK1.jpg We were so excited to meet TPO John PK1 in person after all these years. We're glad you joined the Pearl Paradise team!
Cyndi, I giggled when I read what you wrote. What a treat to read about your weekend. Love the idea that Lucy and Ethel did their own pearl shoots. Hurry so we can read and see more pics.
When we get back to the house there are already guests arriving. Thank goodness Bill has it all under control with the room assignments Jeremy and Hisano have prepared. We eat a late, late lunch in the kitchen.

Mikeyy is here plus 2 new attendee's. Time to change and get ready for the evening festivities and await all the others.

As the rest of the guests arrive in a slow trickle we show them to their rooms or at least point the way because their names are on the doors. The sweeping stair case is going to be problematic for my stair adverse knees. Oh well.

The day has been beautiful again. The weather is perfect not too hot, the evening ocean breeze is picking up just enough to make it nice. We are out on the terrace champagne is handed out for a Pearl Guide toast. As we lift our glasses the sun is getting ready to set. Pictures are taken and then dinner is served. Let's just say we were wined and we dined like kings and pearl queens at each and every meal all weekend long.

You can't get this group together without showing pearls even if the main show and tell was planned for tomorrow afternoon. We actually could have done nothing but show and tell pearls for 3 solid days with no other plans. What made this evening so wonderful was that you got to see in person strands that you watched being chosen but now around the neck of new pearl friends.

I am not going to write much about who showed what I will let Wendy's pictures speak for themselves because she took many. But I will say this....strands of Douglas's Sea of Cortez pearls came out to be shown in all of their glory. These have been pains takenly grown by their papa Douglas and lovingly collected by the women in this room. It was a reunion of Sea of Cortez pearls. A long rope and several strands plus mabes. A small aside here, these are rare, very rare pearls. They start with 100,000 spats and seed 20,000 to 40,000 oysters. The year I got my first 2 Sea of Cortez pearls their harvest was only 1,700 pearls after seeding 20,000 oysters. This year was a record harvest after seeding 40,000 oysters it is 4,000 pearls. Nature is a very hard mistress.

Lots of trying on of others pearls. Pearls were passed from hand to hand. Finally the east coasters started drifting off to bed.

A few of us diehards were left around the dining room table talking and low and behold it was announced by Mikeyy he had suit case of pearls. WHAT???? Needles to say we needed proof that a man traveled with a suit case of pearls. Off he trotted to return with a treasure trove for us to dig though. At first we were very shy, he would reach in and pull out a bag and commence to explain where and when they were acquired. When the newness wore off we dug through that case with renewed vigor. When something was found that was extraordinary all would stop and point like a bird dog. Sherri had a pile of to think abouts and so did Marianne, I had several I liked but one I kept coming back to. I think it was around 2 am when I finally trotted off to bed in the library. The east Coasters will be up at six when the caters arrive and ring the bell so I know I would be too. When I shut my eyes all I see is pearls and more pearls. To be continued.......
2014ruckus 108.jpg 2014ruckus 091.jpg
Beautiful hostess Hisano and the most fantastic pearl the Sea of Cortez has ever produced. The Matryoshka. Necklace in gold and colored sapphires by Hisano's Little h line.
Pattye and Cathy holding their Sea of Cortez strands. There are less than 40 strands of these special pearl world wide.