A Kamoka Pearl for only $10? - Maybe....

Done. Thank you for the heads' up, Kauai Anne!
Oh, I saw this thread the first time around and thought it was really cool. I'm already in.
Annie, have you never won a Tahitian through Passports? I thought you were the first PGer to win one.
Ramona won the first one, a round gray pearl. I won the second one (a drop, which I had set) and we don't know who won the third one-- the baroque pearl necklace on kangaroo leather.
That's right, it's time to take it back! I admit that last year when the "interloper" won it, we were disappointed that it was claimed by someone outside the pearly family. There are lots of other great prizes though. We'll be hoping to get the GoPro3 video camera. There are probably more prizes that are going up too so check back on the PforP website for more goodies!
Well, shoot, wish the winner had joined our Fold! Maaaaaaybe that person reads us though.

Someone with a blog GoBigOrSomething has put a BIG It's Mine! Statement out there. I had to warn this person to find another one...Annie, want to double down for it??? I'm goin' to Mass for this one, baby!

(Oh, groan, I am so shallow, but I really want it)
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Lisa, you can trash-talk and go to Mass all you want, but like I said, you have to beat me first. To prevail in this pearl smack-down, you may have to add going to Confession, the rosary and the stations of the cross. :)
GG, keep the SuperGlue handy! (Along w Kleenex for the coffee-out-the-nose moments)

Annie, I need to do those things anyway, for my shallow soul. Bring me something that scares me, GF! (now I'm ducking my head, looking over my shoulder...Divine Retribution may be stalking me as well as Kamoka Pearl Greed.)
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Haha! Good thread ladies. Blessed are Kamoka pearls! I'm going to invoke the devil; he may have more influence in these worldly matters. May the best heathen win!
Well, now....we've got heathens, saints - and we're all sinners, so by golly Passports should be raking it in!!!!
the last time I checked they were at $35000. ((( big hugs, you dishy women! )))
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It's especially nice that the pearl has a loop and is ready-to-wear!

Let's keep the thread bumped so people see it; hopefully PWP will meet their goal (or even surpass it, as they did last year.)
Wheeeeee, Passports with Purpose is up to $40,000!
Lisa, I don't have to scare you, I just have to shame you. It's not enough to merely lust for the Kamoka pearl, you have to earn it! So down on your knees, missy, and pray hard, and drop another $10 in the collection tray. (Ooooo, how's that shallow soul feeling now?):p
Oh, Annie - pinched! I feel Pinched!

Creative guilt is good! Once I figured if I donated as much money as I spent on goodies, I wouldn't have to feel ANY guilt for enjoying myself.
BTW, Annie, was that the sound of a whip cracking in that post? (Gurgle) I thought I heard the wind whistle past my ear for a second! Wheeee...

What's the tally, people? Ok, not updated yet, still at $40,000 only %40 of the goal, 4 more days til deadline (4,4,4...are we in the end times or something???)

Ok, skating past the danger zones of multiples, PwP is at $50,000 now. Yea!
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Gee, if PwP site is accurate, they're stuck at $50,000...maybe the storm damage in the Pacific has drawn off charitable dollars, which makes sense.