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  • Hello, Boo! Where ever you are, what ever you are doing, have a Wonderful Birthday and know many good wishes are being sent your way!
    Dear Boo - I miss you!! Happy 2010 and we would all love to see you again!
    Nerida xx
    Hello Boo, I'm missing you--hop on the forum one of these days and give us an update!
    Take care,
    Hi Boo, I was just thinking about you!! Are you going to make it to LA? Did you see the pics? I had so much fun with you. It was lonely after you left.
    Boo, thank you for my mussel!!!! I love it; it is so beautiful! eta: My hubby thought the mussel is the cutest!!! He loved it too. thanks again:D
    Hi Boo,

    I wrote you on the thread, but welcome back. Please stop by to see pics of Danyy(aka BB). He was born June 27th after four looong days.

    Hey! I finally got enough earrings to make an earring thread like yours! You inspired me to go broke - ha ha! ;)
    Boo, girlfriend, I really really miss you. Give me a shout when you get back online! ;)

    We all miss you! I need to introduce you to my son...please stop by soon.

    And Happy Birthday!
    Mom is a med-tech, too, in microbiology. I hope you're staying cool in the great midwest! That makes me think of your sandals. Someday I'm going to make me a pair!
    LOL, Nerida - it is actually a photo of the Great Spots of Jupiter, and I did also find it lovely and arty. But there are some nice histo pictures, too...
    Salem - I am off to the blog to check it out.:)
    Blaire- LOOOOVE your kitties. Sigh...
    HI Boo,

    Thanks for the comments. I really wanted to laugh when I saw your list of people to have to dinner. You need to stop by the blog again and see why. lol

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