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  • Hi Robin! Gorgeous album of your pearls! You have a great collection. Also your creations are amazing and oh so creative! Absolutely wonderful! I can see you love tincups, and you make your jewelry mostly using SS, keshi and Tahitian pearls and combining them with other metals and gems. Beautiful! :)
    Hi Robin, I love the photos of your island retreat. I can smell the trees just by looking at the photos! We used to spend time every summer in northern Ontario when I was a child, and I loved it.
    Hi Robin,
    Thank you very much for your comments ! It's loads of hard work, but also lots of fun and keeps me out of trouble....
    Take care, Sueki.
    When do you set up your pearl farm in these fantastic lakes ?
    Try Kasima like ones! :)
    Thanks! Yes, this particular place is totally out of this world! The colors are quite unbelievable, especially in the fall.....:)
    A Canadian, eh?

    Lake of The Woods looks beautiful!

    I love Ontario! I use to boat to Beausoleil Island and tent camp---where the racoons are as big as humans and the mosquitos are as big as racoons.
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