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  • Oooh! Just looked at your "my heart belongs here" album. Truly gorgeous! You live in a beautiful part of the world, and your pictures succeed in doing justice to its beauty!:);)
    Thanks so much, Hanaleimom! I just thought I needed something better than what I had before!:) So I took some pictures of a few of the freshwaters that I had in stock, but from different angles than before, and chose the one that I liked best for the avatar.

    P.S. I like yours too!:)
    Hi Cathy, Just wanted to say Hi and I love your new avatar! And the photo album!!
    Hi Cathy,

    Thank you so much for your message about my website. It suits me so much more than ebay!! Keep a watch on it -the loose pearls section will be added sometime over thenext few weeks. The payment side was connected today (at last) so all is good! Now the only thing left is ramping up the hosting for maximum search engine coverage!

    Wow, I love your home page so much - the colours just get better and better. I really must get to Hawaii sometime - one of my best friends left today with her family for some big game fishing comp that her husband is participating in. I'm jealous!

    Anyway, thank you again for your message - I truly appreciate your support!
    Aloha Cathy, Thanks for the friend request! I love your pictures of Hawaii. As I told you, Hanalei is probably my favorite place here. If there was a job, I would move in a heartbeat (hopefully my husband and kids would come too). I love Bar Acuda and didnʻt see Pierce either, but had a great dinner. We havenʻt been for 2 years. Now airfares are out of sight between islands, and I lost all my Aloha miles when the folded. Sad. Did you ever live in Hawaii?
    Hi Cathy,

    My kids are a little older - one just turned 21 and is studying finance at university - still lives at home although this may change shortly! Another is 19 - spent a year in India with Tibetans after school, and has just started full time work whilst studying teaching English as a second language. My daughter is 15 - still at school! All kind of musical, but not in a traditional sense - jazz piano, bluesy guitar, flute (but not at school where the orchestras etc are amazing) - no straight pianists other than myself!

    I love hiking/bushwalking - one of my favourite things to do, and a joy in Sydney where the harbour winds in and out along the coast - spectacular views all around! Haven't visited Hawaii - looks a little like Fiji, but obviously Fiji is much less developed and not so much volcanic activity. I will get over to the US again one day - only trip was years ago when the Australian dollar was about 49 US cents!! No wonder we felt poor! (Now 96.5) Love your flower pictures - they also remind me of Fiji, and the gorgeous flowers in North Queensland.
    I have got to get my homepage looking better!

    Yes, snakes seem scary, but they are much more scared of us than the other way around! Truly, don't often see snakes, but have occasionally seen goannas when out bushwalking locally. They are a type of monitor, like Komodo dragons, but a bit smaller (maybe 1m or so?). I love long walks in New Zealand because of the no snakes, no spiders - it is a fabulous hiking destination, with some amazingly well-organized classic walks.

    Let me know if you ever plan to get down here!
    Hi Cathy, love your homepage! I really should get organised to make mine a bit prettier! I haven't been to Hawaii, but love the photos! If ever in Sydney, let me know - if you love scenery like this, you will love some of my favourite hiking trails close to the city!
    Love your pictures of Hawaii! And I admire your ambition to retire and do volunteer work. Question: If you retire and become a beach bum, can you still afford pearls? I hope so, your pictures of pearls are georgeous.
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