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  • I know you'll be shocked, but I took apart our pearl bracelet to make earrings for a couple of friends. I now have the bracelet with just the faboo pearl dangling from the end. BUT -- it does leave me with a pair for my own earrings! ;)
    Happy Birthday Jody!
    I hope you get a blanco cheque to buy yourself some nice pearls!

    I'm in the same boat now -- I got my dream camera and the second lens I've been drooling over. A Nikon D300. I'm driving everyone nuts taking photographs, but learning all the doodads and settings is going to take me some time! Actually, the cats are getting the worst of it now that my tripod has arrived...

    Anyway, I'd love to see more photos, expecially of your cute family. ;)
    Gorgeous names, Jody! You also have another daughter, don't you?

    I keep meaning to post some more personal photos in an album, but seem to be bogged down with other tasks! My eldest son turned 21 during the week and it has been a full-on week of parties and dinners, with a huge family event interstate this weekend.

    Your daughters look lovely - and still at a fun, happy age!
    Jody, love your photos of flowers & birds - 2 of my favourite things after pearls and music!!
    Hi Jody,
    Those are fantastic pictures of nature. I love them. You have very nice-looking kids.
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