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  • Honored!!
    Late Fridays always catch me behind
    maybe cause I trried to work off site this week and wasn't diligent enough.

    Hi, Caitlin,

    I've written an article on Nautilus pearls for a magazine, which they edited to about 3 pages, down from 6 or 7, with GREAT photos. I think readers would find it interesting. It has about 2 megabytes, so I don't know how to upload it to my thread. Any ideas? Best, Tom
    Potamilus Purpuratus, your research :
    Did you try American Pearl Company?
    I had a nice Quahog from them (expensive, but quality is there)
    Due to the world's financial woes, the GIA Gemological Research Conference has been cancelled. That lets me off the hook for a poster presentation, but it's a great disappointment for me to miss out on the technical stuff.

    I'm wondering if Hong Kong might be a real possibility next year. Tucson could get a eastern Pearl Walk competitor, or should we say, Sister?

    I have to say, the second I saw your new avatar, I was smiling broadly. No surprise that Octavia's new pal is PURPLE!!! How cute!!! We need a photo with you in the middle! ;)
    Lovely albums, Caitlin! Can easily see what an expert beader you are! Also some truly gorgeous pearls there! :)
    Good Morning'
    I've returned from vacation and have received a draft of one chapter of a manuscript that was written by a clammer of the 1800's (I believe). An author is writting a detailed
    article about Wisconsin pearls for the State Historical Society. Might be nice if anybody had information about Wisconsin pearls I could pass on.

    Hi Caitlin -
    Finally got time to study your albums. Gorgeous pearls! (I think I have lavender envy...)
    Thank you so much, Caitlin; I'm working on getting my avatar up and running! Appreciate all the knowledge and encouragement you so graciously share with all of us!
    What better to do on a warm Sunday AM than browse your pearl photos! Always fun!! Sending happy thoughts and hugs your way,
    Hi Marc
    I live west of Tucson out in Pima County. Nearest trading post: Three Points. I had a couple of great uncles who moved to Phoenix before AZ became a state. They helped my parents to relocate here in the 40's right after WWII.
    Hello Caitlin,

    I'm honored that you invited me to be your friend. I grew up in Phoenix--where my great-grandparents homesteaded--and I have relatives in southern Arizona (...and Mexico, for that matter.) . If you don't mind telling me (...and I'll understand if you do.) Where in Southern Arizona do you live?

    Best regards,
    I have forgotten to look over here! I hope you solved the problem-if not I'll ford it to the techies.
    Caitlin, my resident mollusk and I are having too much fun with all this new stuff! I can't wait until everyone has an avatar! ;)
    Dear Caitlin:
    I'm having trouble seeing some of the pictures people are posting. What am I doing wrong? It used to be that the pics were just there. I'm not the best at figuring out the computer so haven't been able to find the right button to push. Can you help me?
    Thank you,
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