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  • hey Caitlin did you ever get the pearls that I sent you drilled I would like to see how the turned out
    Oh Caitlin thank heavens Ruthie was rescued by you. What a sad start she's had to her life......I'm glad the officials closed that hellish place down. Her picture is very soulful perhaps reflecting her experiences.

    I've seen a Mexican Hairless dog, he was creamy beige in colour with a little white wisp of hair on his head. Beyond cute! Thank you for explaining the origins of Ruthie's breed. Gosh, if I had such a tiny dog I would always be cuddling her and carrying her around with me :)

    Our first Whippet, Gemma, was a rescue dog. She was around 2 years old when we got her, she had been abandoned...... She had a beautiful gentle nature but like Ruthie became anxious easily. Because of her background she suffered severe separation anxiety if left alone, but that wasn't a problem because I was at home mostly and we just took her everywhere with us!

    With kind regards and a pat for dear Ruthie,
    from Kerry.
    That is Ruthie. She is a Mexican hairless Chihuahua. Her hairless quality gene can only have come from the original ancient breeds of Mexican hairless dogs. The local type of Chihauhuas were used to get the size down to around 10 lbs, which is average for the local Mexican chihuahuas.

    I like this pic because it is so arty, dark and moody. It shows her inner soul. She's a Goth dog.

    She is toy sized at 10'' tall and 10 pounds. I got her as a rescue dog from a local puppy farm when Pima County officials closed it down. She was 12 weeks and had never been out of her cage except for outside exercise. She has calmed down a lot and trusts me, but she is very difficult to train. She gets anxious easily.
    Hi Caitlin,
    I hope you and yours are well. I must ask.....who is your adorable little friend in your new avatar?

    Kind regards from Kerry.
    Hi Caitlin, I'm very close to having a little javascript/html page written to do the bead per necklace calc. What should I assume as a knot size 1mm or something less? Regards, raj
    Hi, Caitlin,

    How are you? I hope that you enjoyed peaceful, joyful holidays.

    I haven't logged in in a long time, and would like to change my login name. How do I do that?

    Sorry to pester you with a stupid question after having missed so many posts.

    Thank you in advance for your patience with me!
    Holy Cow, Caitlin!
    I missed quite a tempest in Nov by not checking in. You're tempered stuff, aren't you; good metal for an administrator.
    Thanks for all you do,
    Lisa C
    Dear Caitlin,
    Thank you!
    Not to bore you silly, but again - you guys are so incredibly, unbelievably nice that it's brightened my (almost gone) day! I'm still reading old Lowly Beaders posts, and I came across Christmas '08 just now. Amazing, just amazing, how Jeremy,et al, thought up a holiday special. Does he still have a mother? She must be so proud of him...I try to be careful to say all of them, because they all work together, but it's kind of natural to think he's the driving force, like you are here.
    Well, that's all. I just wanted to share my - amazement? and appreciation of the generous spirit I see on these pages.
    Oh! and the biggest thanks for compiling all the how-to beading/tools/etc...as good as any class/tutorial.
    Lisa C
    Those weird names are the ones I delete everyday. They are spammer robots. I don't think they can post until they are registered, so ignore them.
    Hello, Caitlin, I hope you're having a good day.

    Sorry to trouble you with this; I'm seeing some weird names in the "recent visitors" list - ahh, like that lardexcex I see down on your list, too. There's no message, so can't hit "report".

    Is there any way to delete them? I guess we can block them on our profiles; is it better to just ignore them?

    Is there any point in trying to view all recent visitors? I couldn't find a command for that. For someone with thousands of visitors that wouldn't make sense.

    I'll search SPAM, see what comes up.

    Sorry to bother you!
    Lisa C
    Dear Caitlin,
    The store's name is The Three Graces. Do you remember it? I think it's based in Houston.
    Lisa C
    Dear Caitlin,
    Thank you for the friend invitation, and I accept with much pleasure!!!
    I love when you get all spicy with the questionable characters who try to invade the site. Love an obviously intelligent, competent, comfortable-with-her-power woman!
    I think I found my avatar by following a link You posted to an antiques shop in Calif. I strolled through the online display and there found this ring! It's similar to one my Nana gave me when I was in HS. Mine has rose cut diamonds, so is more subdued than the avatar, but it's such a sweet memory and I thank you.

    Sorry to bother you, and Jeremy, about the tsunami qu about Josh and Sarah, et al. I couldn't think of who else would be command central re information.

    Also, is there any room on the site to ask questions about processing shells? I had an experience cleaning the outer surface of a shell that I want to ask about, and layers of nacre on shells and if there are any ways to separate the layers.

    Loved your album!
    Have you heard anything from Josh or Sarah or anyone else down there to know if they're ok?
    Hi caitlin, I sent you an email.
    Ps. Why can't I upload a picture for my profile. The size is below 100*100.
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