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I am a pearl wholesaler. I would like to sell to Americans

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    I had a nice man in a bead store show me how to knot in order to repair my first good pearl necklace. I will never be a great knotter because I don't do it regularly.

    Caitlin was such a lively person. Eager to share her knowledge with anyone. I still can't believe she's gone. She would be happy to know what an impact she had on all of us. ♡


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      GemGeek (and everyone else), thank you for saying that. Reading this thread and seeing my mom's comments (and her link to her knotting instruction video) was incredibly sad and wonderful all at once!! We are lucky she immortalized so much of her knowledge here and other places on the web... even if it's hard to see it sometimes.
      Zoe Celeste
      Grandmother's Pearl Legacy