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Pearl Guide

DIY Project: Make your very own Pearls in Half!

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You have probably seen those photos of beautiful pearls that have been "cut in half" so you can see their inner structure, and you probably wondered how those are worked: are they sawed off? maybe a machete?

Well, wonder no more! This little video explains in detail how you can make your very own, very nice...pearls in half.

You will need:
Sandpaper sheets, one of each: 60 (very rough), 80 (medium grit) and 220 (fine grit, also called "water sandpaper").
A small container...

Second Mabe Pearl Harvest in Ecuador

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Directly from Dr. César Lodeiro's Pear Research Group in Ecuador (October 12th, 2021):

The Research Group in Biology and Cultivation of Mollusks of the Technical University of Manabí (INBICUM-UTM), delivers the second experimental harvest of Mabe Pearls from Caráquez (about 500 units) to the Mayor of the municipality of Sucre, Province of Manabí, Ingrid Zambrano, as a partial product of the "Strengthening Project for the development of the cultivation and production of Mabe pearls in the...

Pearls in the Web of Life - Part 2

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In a sense, pearl oysters might be a “small ecosystem” of their own, a self-contained biome where a tug of war ensues and leads to eventual stability. But why does this happen? And does it hurt the mollusk? One of my Marine Biology teachers -Dr Fernando Manrique, a friend of Jacques Cousteau- once told us that the Ocean was teeming with Life, and that the hardest thing for many lifeforms to find was an “available apartment”, a place to settle and that would help them avoid being tossed...

CIBJO webinar to examine the impact of online trading on the pearl sector

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Jewellery Industry Voices' October webinar to examine the impact of online trading on the pearl sector

The COVID-19 pandemic has proven to be a watershed moment for jewellery's pearl sector, as it has for most other parts of the industry, initiating changes that most probably are irreversible. The migration to online trading of loose pearls and pearl jewellery is certainly one of them.

The pearl sector has always stood apart in the industry, and this sometimes has been to its advantage...

Jewelmer's Pearl Farm Challenges during the Pandemic - September 2021

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Four decades ago, Jewelmer was established by French pearl farmer Jacques Branellec and Filipino entrepreneur Manuel Cojuangco. The brand has now become synonymous with exquisite jewelry made with the most lustrous cultured pearls in the world: golden South Sea pearls.

Jewelmer’s largest pearl farming challenge in this pandemic lies in its cultivation cycle. The majority of the company’s pearl farmers located in the Philippines were unable to physically be on the farms, greatly affecting...

Chinese Pearl Farming Update for 2021

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From our friends in China, unable to post the information directly due to Pearl-Guide being actively blocked in this Asian country:
Pearling News:

The Chinese Government is PROHIBITING businessmen to CONTINUE TO invest in freshwater pearl farming in lakes, river upper from this year onwards.

Freshwater pearl farms on lakes and rivers are to gradually become dismantled in order clean this valuable resource UNPOLLUTED.

Freshwater pearl farms have been cut down to just one hundred...

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