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My "Pearling" Story...

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My pearl journey begins here, and my guess is that only pearl lovers will care to read this. In my younger years I always loved admired pearls. As a newly employed Legal Secretary (just out of college) I would go on my lunch hours and look at pearls in the downtown high-end jewelry shop. I eventually saved up enough to purchase a nice 5mm 22" strand and 7" bracelet. For many years, this was the ONLY pearl jewelry I owned, and they were reserved for special occasions only. (Why do we do this...

Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

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So I used to frequent a forum for another type of item that had a neat thread called "Your **** in Action!" where people could post pictures of their item "working it" in the real world, I always used to enjoy browsing that thread! I thought it might be fun to start one here for those that wanted to post some pictures of "pearls in action" making us look beauteous IRL! Soooo, I'll start, here's some pictures of my pondslime strand and I in the restroom at work today (washing hands, not using...

Stringing Tutorial with photos: Stringing on Serafil, Beaders Secret & Power Pro

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How to string (or restring) your pearls on doubled Pattye's Serafil, Beaders Secret, and Power Pro

This is not hard-- really! It is harder to describe it than to do it. Anyone can learn to string their own pearls!
If after reading through this, it sounds too daunting, I suggest making a mini-strand for practice first. Make one 12-15 pearls long just so you can practice how to knot the end 3 pearls on each side and attach the clasps; the middle pearls are easy to knot.

To just practice...

How to Tell if You Have Fake or Imitation Pearls? - VIDEOS

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I just saw Jordan's video "How to Identify Real Pearls - Real vs Fake Pearls" (from the Jewels of the Trade channel) and I believed it should be included here on our Forum, for quick and easy access!

And I also made a video several years I thought I would add it here too!

Hope these are HELPFUL!

LIVESTREAM from the Sea of Cortez! - Rare, Mexican Pearls Direct from the Farm

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I am incredibly pleased to share this special event with all of you. It's a 3-part event that will take place on Saturday 16th (at 10 am and 5 pm PST) and the last one on Sunday (10 am).
The event will happen at the Guaymas based pearl farm, and will reunite Douglas (me), Enrique and Manuel -the original Cortez Pearl farm team & founders- alongside Hisano & Jeremy Shepherd!
Be ready for your questions about one of the rarest cultured pearls in the World!
Cortez Pearls are among the finest...

YouTube Video - Pearl Power: The Historical Gem that Modern Collectors Covet

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This February at the Tucson Gem Show, I wanted to attend this lecture with friends Carlos Chanu, Gina Lattendresse, Jeniffer Heebner and Fran Mastoloni: "Pearl Power: The Historical Gem that Modern Collectors Covet". I was unable to attend the event and thought that I would not be able to watch it!
But AGTA has a YouTube channel, and it was uploaded.

If interested, just click HERE to watch!

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