The Timeless Allure of Pearls

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The Timeless Allure of Pearls
Born perfect, forever fashionable By Pierre Akkelian

In the midst of a global crisis, the pandemic created unforeseen avenues for certain sectors. While it severely disrupted most businesses, our industry found an unexpected spotlight, with fine jewellery evolving as a top non-essential purchase during the many lockdowns. The pearl market, in particular, witnessed a dynamic shift. The heart of this pearl revolution lay in China, where the great majority of...

July 28th: Jeremy Shepherd and Rui Galopim de Carvalho Discuss Freshwater Pearls

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In the 26th Home Gemmology webinar supported by CIBJO - The World Jewellery Confederation and co-hosted by Edward Johnson, the last session before summer break, we will continue our session on cultured pearls that only covered saltwater production; now, with the help of pearl expert, educator and good friend Jeremy Shepherd, founder of the coveted Pearls As One online course, we'll dive into the fascinating world of freshwater cultured pearls.

This is a unique opportunity to learn from...

Lab-Grown Diamond Industry and the Term Cultured

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The FTC recently amended its regulations allowing lab-grown diamonds to be described as 'Cultured.'

This is a critical issue facing the pearl and jewelry industry at large. Jeremy Shepherd addresses it in this webinar with the Women's Jewelry Association.

Cultured Diamonds Vs. Cultured Pearls

Tiny Tahitian Pearls are Starting to Get Big!

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I love Tahitian pearls. I love their colors. I love their shapes. I love the beauty of the environment where they're grown. They just make me happy. I know ... all special pearls make me happy, but there is an extra-special allure with Tahitian pearls. It's better experienced than explained. I know many of you get that.

Pearl farmers understand this. Theirs is a business of passion, focusing on the creation of perfection, following traditional methods that are repeated throughout French...

The Winners! The 9th Annual International Pearl Design Competition

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New York, NY – Nov. 2018 The Cultured Pearl Association of America (CPAA) has announced the U.S. winners of its 9th Annual International Pearl Design Competition (IPDC).
On Tuesday, Oct. 30, judges Tara Silberberg of The Clay Pot in Brooklyn and New York City, Editor and Brand Consultant Cheryl Kremkow, and Jean Francois Bibet, workshop and production director at Cartier, inspected 33 finalist pieces (finished jewels) at a private location in the city. By the end of the day, six winners had...

The 10th Annual Pearl-Guide Ruckus!

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It's that time again! The 10th annual Pearl Guide Ruckus begins Friday, July 27th in Marina del Rey, California.

Not only is this the 10th annual ruckus, but it is the biggest one we have ever had - by a factor of two!

We are so excited to welcome Pearl-Guide members from around the world for a weekend of Pearling Fun!


10th Annual Pearl Guide Ruckus

Hilton Garden Inn, 4200 Admiralty Way,
Marina Del Rey, CA

July 27th – July 29th

Ruckus Schedule...

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