Vintage Akoya?

There were Majorica brand items in the duty free at Marrakesh airport yesterday. I didn't splurge.

No? Gee, I wonder why not? :rolleyes: ;)

My wedding necklace came from one of those duty free shops-- at Schiphol, 30 years ago. 6mm, sterling clasp, safety chain...about $75. But that was before freshwaters were round.
MSC, those pearls are very beautiful and the luster is stunning!
Congratulations on your steal, MSC!
I've been pondering on what to do with this pearl strand after I harvest the clasp and I think I've come up with a decent idea. I'll restring it but do it so that the would be new clasp is featured on the side instead of the back. and instead of using a clasp, I'll finish off the ends with French wire so that I can use brooches as interchangeable clasps. What do you all think?
Not sure how it would lie on the neck, but great idea and certainly worth a try!
I'm unsure about that too, Marianne, but I could always restring.

MSC, use orbit clasps...they work beautifully for hanging a pendant....but I have to say that strand has such a gorgeous graduation to it...I'd be hard pressed to fool with it. But maybe some longer oval links that mimic the orbit clasps might help.

I've just re-read your idea...I think you would need to add jump rings to the ends of the strand to be able to pin on a brooch...but it might not work, depending on the weight of the might just flop over because a brooch pin is usually set mid point to evenly distribute the weight when pinned (so it doesn't sag the fabric it's pinned to). You might be better adding special hooks to the back of the brooch that can allow for a more balanced attachment.
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MSC! During my vintage redux phase, I've done exactly what you described - used brooches in place of clasps and have them on the side. And JP is exactly right - have the french wires look onto a jump ring, which will make the mechanism work a lot better. Whether if the brooch flip flops around, it really depends on the shape and weight. I find that if the brooch is not uber thin, it has stayed on my neck just fine. But I also used double strand of akoya, which may have "accidentally" added to the stability.
Attached pictures of 2 brooches I used with the akoya strands - they stayed well (no flip flopping whatsoever) and easily interchangeable. Both brooches are art deco vintage and the mechanical watch on the bird pin is in working order!

As you can see, I was so lazy and ghetto and just strung the akoyas on soft flex. Oh those poor pearls did not get the silk knot treatment lol. The best thing about those pearls is that I can "un-double" them and wear them as opera length and the jump ring kinda serves as added interest/texture, too!
Yes, that is exactly what I want to do Purr! Those look great!!! So you just put a couple of jump rings to the ends of the pearl strand? That seems easy enough.
Thanks JP & MSC!!! :eek:

Haha JP I chopped up my poor mom's akoya for that conversion a while back. If/when I get around to it I would absolutely use silicone spacers! But I think they are fine for now as I don't abuse them too too much.

MSC I find jump ring ends to be really versatile! you can clip tassels onto the end, or connect them with brooches, or S-shaped snake claps like this one, just as an example!

you could also totally do pearl/gemstone rondelle mix! When I connect the different elements, I purposely link a few more chains and sometimes use connectors that are bigger/textured. I always go back to my favorite labradorite & gold bracelet redux. See how many links I added between the 2 elements? Those are all just simple jump rings!
So creative, Purranha! You and MSC have given me some serious thoughts about the box FULL of vintage gold and gem pins that are not getting any love any longer ... Purranha, do you solder all those different jump rings, or just "close" them with pliers? Even the big textured ones? THANKS!
Thank you Cathy!

Haha as mentioned I'm lazy and ghetto, so when all components are thick enough, I just "close" the jump ring. When I'm working with finer gauge/delicate components, I sometimes put a dab of superglue on the closure for extra security. I don't have the ability to solder at home unfortunately!!! But I find the closing up method to hold sufficiently.

The larger textured ring is actually a connector and has a hinge that opens up - making connecting different sections even easier and more fun! The one I used in the above piece was from my mom's jeweler from a looooong time ago - the hinge creates a closed loop with no "trigger". I haven't been able to find the same one, but have found very similar ones with small un-intrusive trigger (link below). It is currently sold out but there may be other comparable listings on etsy/ebay!