Tahitian Pearl Tin Cup Necklace



I love this Site! I have been browsing all morning learning tons of info about pearls!!!
I have been looking for a tahitian pearl necklace in the tin-cup style (from the movie Tin Cup) that is on a chain. I have found a couple of pieces on eBay and I was wondering if anyone would be so kind as to take a look at them for me and let me know if they can tell (by the pictures and descriptions) if the pearls are genuine.


From: estore4u

From: pjgallery

From: tadragon

From: danielevans

From: bestakoya

From: Westpointcorp

From: rfcorp

From: chemchip

From: gem888

I really appreciate the help. I think a few are more beautiful than the others, although many look very much a like. Can someone tell me if they are indeed Tahitian pearl pieces, and which seems like the best deal? As these are on auction time is of the essence so a quick response is so greatly appreciated!

Thanks so much!
Hi Samantha,

I know what piece you are describing and it is beautiful. But unfortunately I have some really bad news...

I have looked through each auction you listed and there is not a single piece that contains even one genuine Tahitian pearl. Every piece is composed of either dyed freshwater pearls or dyed Akoya pearls.

I should point out, however, that 'bestakoya' calls the pearls in their tin cup Akoya in one section, but then calls them Tahitians on another description area. This makes me think it could be a matter of education not dishonesty.

I hate to tell you this. One thing you should note, however, if you do indeed want this piece it will never be available for prices like those listed on eBay if you are looking for a genuine Tahitian pearl necklace.

Again, classic eBay pearl ripoffs! If any of those sellers were selling out of a store or actual Website they would have the BBB, the JVC, and the FCC breathing down their necks.

You should email this link to everyone of them, Samantha, I would love to hear their responses.
jshepherd said:
Hi Samantha,

Again, classic eBay pearl ripoffs! If any of those sellers were selling out of a store or actual Website they would have the BBB, the JVC, and the FCC breathing down their necks.

Hello Jeremy,

even this one do u think is a classic ebay ripoffs:


it seems genuine.

How much do u think it is the price of a pearl like the one above with that green overtone?

Many Thanks

David - Italy
The piece for the price is not bad at all! If you have a large setting that will cover the inclusions it will be a great piece, and it is a good buy.