Tahitian Harvest Strand from PP


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Aug 10, 2013

I wanted to post my new necklace from PP. Jeremy did a great job making this harvest strand for me.
35 inches long
overtones of green, silver, and peacock
8.8 to 13.5 mm



I have more pictures in my post at Pricescope. Thanks for letting me share here!
Oooh, that is just lovely ... so interesting ... Jeremy created a real work of artistry and craft with this one ... congratulations!
Congratulations on your strand it is lovely and I bet you will reach for it often :)
Thank you everyone! I love how versatile this necklace is! It really fits in with my casual life style.
Yes, the colors and shapes in this one are particularly lovely. Can you post some neck shots for us?
A harvest strand is a representative of all the different pearls that would be produced in a harvest; rounds, baroques, drops, big and small, light and dark. Maybe keshi?
Very cool.
This strand includes drops, baroques, rounds, and keshi pearls.

Thank you for the compliments! :eek:

Here's some neck shots as requested

Here's the harvest strand with a separate baroque strand nestled in the middle for a three strand look.
two strands tripled 1.jpg
You're gorgeous, and you really nailed the necklace in that last photo! Excellent - until then I felt ho-hum about the necklace. It's tough to get even a great luster to show well. You got the color and the luster! Nice!
lisa c, You're too kind! I'm glad you can see the colors and the luster. I really enjoy them IRL. Thanks!