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Jun 23, 2019
Hey everybody, I'm new to the whole pearl stuff and my anniversary is coming up and I want to make my wife a pearl pendant necklace. Price IS a factor and that's why I'm coming to you guys. I've seen some incredible pendants that my wife would love but she wouldn't love me spending that type of money on a necklace. So what I want to do is buy the pendant, chain and pearl separately to hopefully minimize cost and also have that factor of me picking each part out and making it for her while also getting the highest quality pearl I can find.

I've researched quality of pearls and all that stuff, so what I need to know now are the following:

The most important part is where can I find high quality pendant mounts/pegs/settings that are still relatively affordable (less than $200). I want it to be fairly simple, white gold and if possible, include a tiny diamond or moissanite above the pearl.

And what are some reputable websites for pearls? I want a shiny white akoya or south sea. So probably AA+ or AAA. I would say about 8-10mm.

I'm skeptical to buy a whole necklace because I know there is normally a markup in price for the labor and whatnot and I also want to guarantee the best pearl I can. Thanks in advance!
What is your budget for the finished item? Unless you are committed to assembling the necklace yourself, it may actually cost less to buy it ready-made.

For comparison, check out ready-made pendants on Pearl Paradise, and remember that many items are available in white gold as well as yellow--click to see the drop down menu on each item:

Pearl Paradise also sells findings ( and loose pearls:

Other sources for findings and chains-- check out Bella Findings and Rio Grande.

June is the month for pearls and some sellers have sales going on.
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Welcome to the forum! What a loving gift you are planning for your wife! I agree with PD and do HIGHLY recommend you work with Pearl Paradise; they most likely will have pearls you can choose from, and elegant yet simple white gold diamond bails so the necklace is customized to your taste. PP loves to work directly with their clients; give them a call!

I can tell you from my experience:
the pearl must fit the shape of the cap,
the post in the finding (cap) must fit the hole in the pearl snugly,
the chain must fit through the bail,
oh, plus special epoxy to glue the finding securely on the pearl.

Please do let us know what you decide.
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Pattye, you are so right about the chain fitting through the bail! I have some excellent chains dating from before gold got so expensive, and the ends do not fit through my newer pearl pendant bails.

Consider that as an end user you would be paying retail for the findings and chains. Vendors can purchase wholesale, with volume discounts. This is why it may not be cheaper to assemble the item yourself.
I agree with Pattye and Pearl Dreams. You might be better off buying. If you found a good deal with a reliable seller, would your wife object?
I think the only thing to be aware of is that for the 18k gold pieces to be sold so cheaply they have to be a finer wire than would normally be used . Often the ear wire is .6 and the main bits are hollow, pegs are often very short. All of this keeps the cost down and it can work well with people who have very small piercings and if the pearls are quite small. But 18k is soft and they would bend easily.

I had a client who wanted a pair of the 18k for some 15mm Edisons I had but I wouldn't set them. I suggested she contact them and to their credit they agreed that only very small pearls would be best.

I'm certainly not criticising the companies that sell these products but the buyer just needs to be aware that they might not be as durable as the heavier , stronger and more expensive findings.
To add, I have JUST started to do some knotting, etc, and I'll tell you that I did NOT do a good job with assembling my first pendant onto a bale (or is it bail?). Not good. If you've never done it before, I'd suggest buying. In addition to PP, there are many other vendors with lovely, and inexpensive, pearl pendants. Some of the members here have Etsy, and I think Ebay, stores. I've purchased from quite a few (and also from PP), and I've been very happy with all of the purchases from members here. (Not necessarily thrilled, but OK with purchases from the non-members I've purchased from.)
the post in the finding (cap) must fit the hole in the pearl snugly,

I ran into this problem when making a pearl pendant. The drill hole was a smidge too small for the post on the finding. I gave a big sigh and eventually found another pearl with a slightly larger drill hole.

Unless you have a special pearl from a trip or something, I also recommend finding a ready-made pendant.

Oh, just remembered, I did have a pearl that someone gave me. I sent it to Pearl Paradise to be drilled and set.
I also have reamed out the drill hole a little bit to make a bail fit, and it's worked for me. If you like making it yourself, I say go for it. It's how we all learn :)