Scratches on pearl pendant - is there a way to polish?


Oct 18, 2023
This pearl pendant is kept in a box mixed with other metal jewelries and gets scratched badly. Is there a way to polish the scratches?
Also I think they did a bad job drilling the hole, it looks like a mess there 😞
And can you tell what kind of pearl is this?

It’s from my mom and it holds sentimental values so I want to make the best out of it. Thanks all in advance for your advices.

From the size of it, roundness, luster and color, it is probably an akoya pearl.
The photo is very enlarged. The scratches would not be so noticeable when the pearl is viewed in real life.

Akoyas have a relatively thin layer of nacre over the bead nucleus-- you wouldn't want to remove any nacre by polishing it. It's best to leave it alone, enjoy it just the same because it's from your mother-- and from now on, store it in a better place so it doesn't come into contact with other jewelry!
Thank you so much! I sure will take good care of it and enjoy (and stop scrutinizing ☺️).
Good to know it’s an Akoya.