Subtle Pastels


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Nov 11, 2012
The only good thing about being away for a while is that catching up is wonderful :) Here's my new celebration strand in subtle pastels. It floors me how much variation there is among Tahitian pearls. These were a different choice for me and I really love them. When the light is just right, the pastel colors get nice and frosty. Otherwise, they have nice multi-tone body colors in pretty smooth shapes, rather than the baroques I'm used to.

1 x400.jpg
2 x400.jpg
3 x400.jpg
Thank you very much. They are 9-10mm from Jose at The strand is still visible on the website, but we did remove/replace a few pearls. I thought I wanted my next strand to be dark and vibrant, but my mom just got a beautiful multi-tone dark strand and I felt I should get something totally different from hers.

It's my first day wearing them and I'm not getting a lot done. Just peeped them under the flourescent light in the kitchen and the sharp luster makes them look like pastel ball bearings. I'm really pleased with them.
Sarah, those are very beautiful ... nice choice!
Absolutely lovely on you. Enjoy and wear in health!
Stunning! Enjoy the pearls. You mentioned it's a celebration strand? Mind sharing the good news with us?
Stunning! Enjoy the pearls. You mentioned it's a celebration strand? Mind sharing the good news with us?

I reached 100 sales in the Etsy shop I opened to help fund my jewelry habit. Success, lol!
Well done! You should put the name of your store up .. I don't know how to do it..but someone can explain it I'm sure !!
I love to look at Jose' many Tahitians .. sigh Your necklace is lovely....I really like the pastel colours in the silvers and blues and greens ... makes a nice change from the dark ones. And with your mom conveniently have a dark have the best of both worlds!
Congratulations, Sarah! A worthy reward, for sure! You look absolutely gorgeous in your pearls; I can imagine how beautiful they are irl. Glad to know you are back!

I thought you did have a link to your etsy shop? Have you made a few changes recently to your profile?
Thanks all, I stalk all the pearl vendor sites too, and drool and dream and wait for rainy days like this. Pattye, I did update my profile and I moved my etsy shop info there. It seemed like a good place to put it.

You guys, I think I'm going to successfully turn my mom into a perlaholic and then maybe we'll have a ruckus in our future somewhere. She never took a big interest in pearls until this trip to Tahiti but she brought home such a beautiful strand I'm feeling like I can turn her to the lustrous side with the rest of us.