Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Thank you, eolian! I’ve always liked that motto, and yes, always appropriate! From pendants to strands to layers, always appropriate in every form. Your pendant is perfect!

A Tahitian pendant from Hawaii, on a Tahitian keshi pearl chain I put together. Worn with Tahitian studs from Kojima I bought right off Sarah’s ears!:18: The luster and color were absolutely dancing in the sunshine. I could not resist.:cool::p
Ooh, a sea of Keshi, Jeg! That "chain" is gorgeous, and those studs are absolutely radiant! That bigger BLUE keshi pearl on the chain near the pendant is swoon-worthy :)
SurfnSci, beautiful Soc ring. I have never seen any Soc pearls in real life yet. I have to change that some day.
eolian pearls and jeg ,you have both been busy. So many pretty pearls.
This is a slightly misty photo of the two bracelets that I have been wearing the last couple of days. My Sunrise and Sunset with a green flash bracelet together with a deep golden circled south sea bracelet. The edisons looks great with golden south sea pearls. Very happy looking combination
Thank you jeg and Charlotta!

jeg LOL at your off the ears shopping I totally understand you though, those studs are crazy beautiful!!!!And look perfect with the keshi chain and another WOW colorful pendant!

Charlotta2.0 I love your colorful bracelets! And when you combine them double gorgeousness happens! So beautiful!

I had my rainbow leather necklace today, definitely one of my happy pieces.
jeg gorgeous pearls as always! After the gold nuggets strand now there is the silver version :love:. And your Kohima T studs are absolutely colourful and beautiful.

Charlotta2.0 I love the combination of the FW and GSS. The GSS bring out the very subtle golden colour in those Edisons.

eolian pearls absolutely love your rainbow leather necklace. It looks stunning and versatile.

Today I’m wearing my Pearlescence Robert Wan pearls. They underwent a big makeover from the silver bar studs to these silver petals which fit my earlobes better. On my neck I’m wearing a strand of Japanese blue akoyas. They are strung on flexible Japanese wires. But I intend to get them knotted properly which I prefer. Sorry about my photos quality not being great.


Thank you echo! WOW your pearls look amazing even in your “not great quality” photos! They must be absolutely gorgeous IRL!!! The silver petals are perfect for those colorful Robert Wan and your blue akoyas have the most incredible luster and ohhh the pink flashes...How big are these and if you want to share who is the vendor?
Thank you Cathy, Charlotta, eolian and echo! Charlotta, your double bracelets look so nice together! Eolian, I really love the mix of color and shapes you put together with the leather cord. It’s a perfect drape on your neck, too! Echo, those are great photos! I can even see the soap bubble effect that blue Akoya display but is too difficult to capture in pics. I especially love the petal findings you used for the posts.

I just finished this beaded strand using some of the new shells I collected with predatory drill holes. I put it on to take a couple quick pics.
Click image for larger version  Name:	9DF7E514-8235-48DA-B55A-51A7E9A9CF72.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	1.12 MB ID:	458762
Click image for larger version  Name:	9DF7E514-8235-48DA-B55A-51A7E9A9CF72.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	1.12 MB ID:	458762
Thank you jeg, Eolian, Charlotta and Echo so much for your kind words! And oh wow, so many beautiful pearls and lovely looks this past week - I am really enjoying getting caught up...

jeg Love the Sanibel scallop earrings you made, and I really like the new piece you're wearing today - it's very unique and delicate. Gorgeous freshadamas, too, and so many incredible Tahitian studs and keshis!
eolian pearls Your light peacock tahitian is simple and perfect. Such luster! And your lovely dreamy rainbow necklace. You've inspired me to start wearing some of my older neglected pieces - it's fun to see them again and remember the fun of buying/making/inheriting them in the first place :D
Charlotta2.0 Lovely wrist shot! Your bracelet pairing is really lovely and those colors are so amazing!
echo Oh my gosh, your blue akoyas are tdf! I'm practically drooling, haha. The colors and luster are fantastic! I also really like your upgraded RW drops; the flower findings are very pretty and really showcase the pearls.

Wearing an ombre SS drop from JNB gems today.
Thank you echo and jeg and SurfnSci. I love those colors together.
Your rainbow leather necklace is such a happy piece eolian pearls and so very pretty
echo gorgeous akoyas, they have an amazing luster. Your redesigned earrings looks great on you, those tahitian pearls are stunning and looks great with the akoyas
Nice shells jeg. Are those drillholes all made by other animals? And what kind of animal?
SurfnSci your south sea necklace is beautiful, that pearl has great luster.
Thank you SurfnSci and Charlotta! What a pretty and delicate necklace, SurfnSci. Did you assemble the piece yourself? Charlotta, I am not sure what type of sea creature the drill holes were made by, but they must feast on these because there are piles of these shells on the beach. Very convenient location for the drill holes, too.

I have not worn any goldens for a while... Two of my favorites together. Golden ombré rope from PP, with the special mixed golden strand of matched pairs from “The Golden” PP Ruckus. Worn with earrings I made with Burmese golden SS pearls.
Those goldens are among my favorites jeg, so beautiful. Those shell drilling animals aught to be tamed, for pearl drilling. Probably woun't happen, but shells are pretty hard.
Thank you eolian pearls, jeg, SurfnSci and Charlotta!

eolian pearls this strand was purchased from Etsy shop flowerjem. They are 9-10mm in size

jeg the new silver findings were actually made by my jeweller. Very hard to find ready-made unique findings for pearls :p
I echo BWeaves msge.!!
Sharing the below thats pretty hilarious!!….and could be my husband for all I know!! Although I got it covered!!!
LOL! I think I pulled this one on my wife!
Told her she would get a pearl necklace...I will get a cellphone! ;)
Just kidding...we just moved to the "Big City" and this is everyone's Holiday Gift!
Happy Holidays Everyone!
Oh, you guys! You’ve all put up some beautiful photos! Wow, wow, wow!

Douglas, I hope it’s a happy move for you all!
jeg Your mixed and ombre golden strands are stunning, wow! And I love the earrings! And thanks for your kind words - I did do the wire wrapping for my ombre SS lariat, but the rest of the necklace was repurposed :)

I have been in a golden mood for the holidays, and I've always wanted to decorate a small tree with a GSS rope garland! I wonder if anyone has done this? Perhaps someday, when I have enough pearls to try, haha.

Happiest of holidays to everyone!!! And best wishes for a happy, pearl-filled New Year!
Thank you, Charlotta, BWeaves, LilPearl, Lisa and SurfnSci!

Douglas, I wish you a happy New Year in your new home!

SurfnSci, I have done a little decorating with pearls. The strands can get a little heavy for a small tree. I have also used big pendants to hang as ornaments.

A couple of my friends treated me to afternoon tea. I love this place! The decor is full of whimsy. Wearing a Kojima Japanese Akoya and Tahitian rope with grey Akoya studs from Takahashi Pearl. I took the Pearl pics outside- kinda dark...
Click image for larger version  Name:	AC6164C5-62CB-4002-8825-A99B46A80BCE.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	1.15 MB ID:	458830 Click image for larger version  Name:	AC6164C5-62CB-4002-8825-A99B46A80BCE.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	1.15 MB ID:	458830


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