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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


PG Forum Admin
Love the "LeatheRoo" name for kangaroo leather. I loved my kangaroo leather items. These pearl necklaces are just lovely TriciaS

I love Fiji Pearls...my first time at the INHORGENTA show in Munich -some years ago- I had the chance to visit the Gellner booth and look at all the "raw beauties" (unset) from Fiji and I fell in love with these. They have a unique beauty, different from Tahitians and Cortez, which made me appreciate them at a different level. Lovely Fijis jeg
Wow ladies too many gorgeous pearls to comment on!!!!

jeg You let the Seaglass out!!! Yay!!! And all your other amazing pearls...Soc, Kasumi, Fijis, Edisons, Ts...your collections truly is the best of the best!

echo Love your new beauties!!! All are so colorful and lustruous, geat choices and they look wonderful on you!

AzFlyGirl So many lovelies!!! Those silver Ts...so so pretty!!!!

TriciaS LOVE your leather creations! Beautiful pearls and lovely simple design! Such wonderful gifts! That triple necklace is something I will try to make too, I just know it;-)

SurfnSci such a pretty bracelet, you have some beautiful SoC pieces!

I have a few new pearls share:arms: My CMW bracelets have finally arrived and I LOVE them! I actually decided to try for an ombre necklace as opposed to three individual bracelets, will have more time to play next week so now only a pic of what my beading board looks like...
There was one deep blue/purple pearl that just stood out and is now my new favorite dainty (9mm) floating necklace.79766ACA-5893-4CB2-B2EC-BEFAD4B4B562.jpeg


  • 79766ACA-5893-4CB2-B2EC-BEFAD4B4B562.jpeg
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Ohhh...you are going to have a gorgeous necklace, eolian pearls! Did you make your floating necklace? It's a beautiful pearl.

Jeg, I always look forward to your posts. Your combinations of pearls and clothing are inspiring, and your pearls drool-worthy.

Charlotta, I had the same error message about exceeding the MB quota, but Douglas worked his magic and I was soon able to post photos. You might be able to drop your second persona, now... :13: Love that rainbow necklace.

SydK, echo, and AzFlyGirl...great photos, lovely pearls (and models). I can't believe that there are over 1100 pages in this forum thread, and yet every post and photo has something unique to show and say.


New member
Oh gosh, you all look so wonderful, as do your pearls. Autumn is in the air, lovely colors on the leaves and new looks at our favorites from dear Jeg, SeaGlass, Kasumi, and who could have thought ... picture jasper in earrings! I'm thrilled you had a great idea what to do with those beads :). Thank You ALL for sharing such beauty.


jeg your Fiji strand is again full of character and beauty! I agree with Douglas that Fijian pearls are a league of their own. I’m crazy about their earthy tones :love:

@eolianpearls your new arrivals look stunning. Can’t wait to see the necklace and bracelet in action. What a great idea of saving that special pearl by itself. Especially if you wear solitaire more often than strands

TriciaS wonderful creations. I love how you mixed the leather with the Ts. They look fabulous on you. Leather + Ts is always a winner to me
Thank you ladies!!!! I have been playing with my pearls today, have added a few FWP to the ombre and I really really like the look of it so far!5FFA0C2C-473A-4FF1-8520-09368F0FE275.jpeg - Click image for larger version  Name:	5FFA0C2C-473A-4FF1-8520-09368F0FE275.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	399.7 KB ID:	457498
I still have a few silver blue akoyas from Druzy on the way that I plan to add to the necklace so I will only finish it once they arrive. But I will definitely make a final 2021 version of my Tahitian love necklace, it has become a true multicolor one with the latest CMW additions....Very very happy about that one too;)5FFA0C2C-473A-4FF1-8520-09368F0FE275.jpeg - Click image for larger version  Name:	5FFA0C2C-473A-4FF1-8520-09368F0FE275.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	399.7 KB ID:	457498

Wishing everyone a lovely weekend!


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PG Forum Admin
Love the dark quality of the strands @eaolian pearls
Truly perfect!
Happy weekend!


Thank you so much, Jeg, Charlotta, Echo, SydK, and Eolian! And happy weekend to all :D

jeg Your gorgeous Cees and J. Hunter tahitians are so dreamy and fall-like.
Charlotta Such a beautiful rainbow strand, wow!
TriciaS That is really lovely leatherwork with very pretty pearls!
eolian pearls I love your new blue/purple T - what a beauty! It definitely deserves its own necklace. And your CWM pearls are so pretty; your ombre design looks fantastic.


Active member
Oh wow. Love Jeg's pearls, of course. Love the leatherroo necklaces. And the ombre's, my knees are weak.

Is the Kojima website down? It keeps telling me the server cannot be found.


Today I'm wearing pastel Kasumi pearls from Kojima. They were originally a lovely bracelet with a purple Tahitian, but I decided to wirewrap just the Kasumis to make them necklace-convertible; thanks to pattye for inspiring me to try rose-gold for the first time :) I decided to stick with the necklace today.

​​​​​​​ Click image for larger version  Name:	20211023_145850.jpg Views:	0 Size:	499.8 KB ID:	457525 Click image for larger version  Name:	20211023_145953.jpg Views:	0 Size:	404.2 KB ID:	457526 Click image for larger version  Name:	20211023_144721.jpg Views:	0 Size:	389.2 KB ID:	457527
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Traveling Pearl
Thank you so much, Douglas, eolian, TriciaS, Cathy, echo, Charlotta, BWeaves, and SurfnSci!:eek:

TriciaS, love your leather projects! I mentioned in the other thread what great gifts those are going to make!

Eolian, oh, the new Tahitian strands are coming together so wonderfully. I can’t wait to see them finished!

SurfnSci, wow, I love, love, the soft colors of your Kasumi pearls, and such a versatile design you converted it to. It looks fabulous as a necklace!

A long rope of Japanese baroque Akoya with Tahitian dangle, from Kojima. Worn with a short strand of color banded Tahitians.
59094AE3-CED8-4A4B-B023-00139BD9D8EA.jpeg 21207873-35D0-4034-9C51-9FEB8E9A235C.jpeg


PG Forum Admin
Kasumis! Love them...and they look great on you! They just glow on you :D


PG Forum Admin
Wow! These baroque Akoyas have a delightful blue colore to them...maybe it's just the background or the light but they look great. The Tahitian dangle emphasizes it perfectly. This is my favorite!


PG Forum Admin
Is there a small pendant there (bottom-center) that is like a vial with tiny pearls? Like tiny little genies trapped in their magic lamp :) Love how playful that is.
Great collection...especially love the large pendants there :D