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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


Traveling Pearl
Thanks so much, Charlotta, TriciaS, Douglas, rokor, eolian, 86C, amti and Pareltje! :07: Great to hear from you amti! I’ve always liked the look of light pink angel skin coral. I had a few pieces as a kid, including hair clips.

Rokor, the all white is a nice, breezy look. I rode a couple motorcycles in my younger days, a dirt bike and a street bike, but not a cool shirt for riding. :D

Japan Kasumi pearls from Kojima, with freshwater earrings I made.
Click image for larger version  Name:	D30C1737-1998-4FF5-A4D1-8B7C1FA18389.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	312.4 KB ID:	453843 Click image for larger version  Name:	D1C0E5B3-0941-4346-BAC5-DBEA2B1EABE9.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	123.1 KB ID:	453844


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Good morning! jeg these keshi are simply delicious! And they look LARGE...how big is the biggest one???


Jeg, that kasumi necklace has such color and shimmer! And it looks like you could position the clasp any way to reveal those lovely pearls that are normally hidden.


Traveling Pearl
Thank you, Douglas, Katkashmir, TriciaS, and BWeaves!

Douglas, they are really large for keshi- 13mm and I don’t know the length mm.

Good to hear from you, Katkashmir! I hope your Ziggy is doing well. My Ziggy is getting very gray around the face.

TriciaS and BWeaves, thank you. The strand does have beautiful coloring, but I have not worn it in different directions yet. I think I need a Kasumi pendant to hang from the clasp.:yup:


Traveling Pearl
A mixed SS, keshi, and freshwater rope, from Pearls By The Bay, with a metallic strand from Pacific Pearls, and earrings I made.
C89382F7-DAD0-493A-B4E5-502F4EFA7AAD.jpeg 164944DE-0635-4CA6-8FB2-FE4252BEAB5D.jpeg


New member
Rokor, your SSP strand looks very lustrous and your shirt very breezy. Jeg, I had a chuckle about your shirt comment.

Jeg, gotta admire the chunkiness of your keshis, and I echo BW's comment on the Kasumi strand. Your earrings match your rope well! The colors look so spring-y! I cannot help but notice your outfits too. Not only are they all very cute, but the look very comfortable!
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Wow jeg 13 mm is quite large for keshi! I would dare call it a "unicorn keshi strand"!
Aloso love these 2 new ones...Oooh made me remember the "Pearls by the Bay" even in SF back in 2019. Seems like ages ago!


New member
Lovely summery looks, all! I have been offline while moving, so just catching up. Jeg, I am very sorry for your loss. Wishing everyone peaceful, healing weekends!
Rokor your south sea necklace is absolutely stunning! Glowing!!! Wow, and I love your white on white look!

Jeg, so many amazing pearls as always!!! Special mention to the Pearls by the Bay rope!!! Such an amazing combination of colors and shapes and luster! Beautiful, beautiful rope!

Just a quick note that I have received the Edison strand that was a rogue purchase from about a month ago ( and will be my sister’s XMas present :) I am very happy with it, love love the colors! The size is 8,5 - 12,5 mm, I will string it next week. It is from an Etsy vendor called PearlRoadYW, I bought a few Edisons from her before and they were all lovely. 5C9FB822-528F-4AA9-A0DF-FDD1F0CBED56.jpeg


  • 5C9FB822-528F-4AA9-A0DF-FDD1F0CBED56.jpeg
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PG Forum Admin
That Edison strand is superb eolian pearls :35::approve: the shapes, luster, color, symmetry...it's Stunning!


I always have a question when someone says these are Edisons. How could you be so sure that these come from Grace Pearls before or Edison Pearls nowadays?


Traveling Pearl
Thanks so much amti, Douglas, MoonDrops, eolian and Charlotta!

Thank you, amti- I’m sure you remember from hanging out at past Ruckus’ I am all about comfortable clothes.

Haha, Douglas, I am not sure about a unicorn, but it is definitely in the pretty pony category as an unusually large size for Tahitian keshi. It hangs nicely and I love the shapes. Ahh yes! 2019... SF... PBTB! It was a blast touring the city with you, Sunseeker, BabyNurse, and KaySD! And the PEARLS!!!

eolian, a fantastic choice for a Christmas gift for your sister! Please model it before parting with it!

Cees, I think Katbran made a good analogy before about the name becoming synonymous with beautiful freshwater pearls- like all tissues being called Kleenex. Even though Edison’s and Ming have their own provenance, it has become a descriptor. But I do understand your point of view.

Keshi strands from Kojima with earrings I made. The shorter strand is from our recent visit to the studio.
B13B4811-00AA-4200-A7C6-6E6A9AB8CEB0.jpeg 8B930586-BE0C-46AF-8968-9FE8D49FFF0C.jpeg
Thank you Charlotta, Douglas and Jeg! Will definitely model the necklace once it is knotted ;-)

Cees, you are right, these are not the real Edisons, I checked with the vendor who used this name in her description of the pearls if they come from the Edison Pearls and they do not. She said (as Jeg commented) that the name Edisons is now widely used for quality bead nucleated freshwaters.

Jeg, you are having a great keshi week:arms:So so pretty!!!!


As a faithful lurker on this thread, I have to say thank you to everyone for posting your amazing eye-candy! jeg your keshi collection is inspirational :D