Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Thanks so much 86C and BWeaves!

86C, that torsade with the panther clasp is very cool! Perfect neck length, too.

BWeaves, it’s tin cup season! I’ve been following the path of the hurricane. Stay safe!
I knotted this strand last week. A random collection of Tahitians, randomly placed- with my Tahitian ring from Hong Kong, not showing...

Gorgeous tincups and new tahitian strand Jeg.
That is a great torsade 86Corvettegirl, my phone doesn't autocorrect to tornado. It suggested torsdag, thursday in swedish. I think I have told it to autocorrect both swedish and english. Sometimes with strange results. It always wants to autocorrect summer to summera, that’s to add together in swedish (I don't think I use that word written much but anyway...)
Looking great as always, Bweaves. That’s so funny about the reborn pearls being the closest you could get to drop pearls. I really wanted a pearl strand even as a teenager. But they were so expensive, pearls are generally very expensive in sweden and not always of good quality. My late father bought my mother a majolica strand ones, he thought it was real. My mother really don't like pearl strands that much, she loves the tahitian pendant I gave her once, a perfect drop with wonderful overtones that I bought from Pearlsociety. I used that strand ones pr twice, but they were all wrong for me. Imagine how happy I was when I realised that I could buy a vintage strand of great quality for a resonsble sum. So I bought several....
Stay safe everone and out of that tornados way.
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I love it all - the birthday strand, the spectacular torsade, the light and airy tin cups, and the gorgeous colours in that random strand of Tahitians.
Thanks to everyone for sharing. Fingers crossed that the hurricane misses you all.
Thanks, everyone!

JEG, I love that random Tahitian rope. There's a symmetry to your randomness, though, and I like it. The older I get, they less I like matchy-matchy, and the more I like random mixtures of pearls.
Thanks so much Charlotta, SydK, and BWeaves!

Pretty summery color on your studs, Frost Me!
Wow, Frostme, those are incredible studs.

Yesterday, I was playing around with Walter Who. I hung him off an enhancer that I put on my Kojima Tahitian Keshi tin-cup. I hung him off-center and then moved the necklace off center.


And Greg Who Two arrived today! Very shiny and colorful. You can see my phone in the reflection.
I'm thinking of renaming it.

The Rainbow Connection?


Summer? Since the South Sea Snowman pearl will arrive next week. Summer and Winter? (That's a weave structure, and one of my favorite weaves, so that appeals to me.)


Here's the new pearl with La Perlagrina on the left and Greg Who to the right. The new pearl is more of a challenger to La Perlagrina than to Greg Who. I also think I could wear the new one on a hoop earring.

The new pendant is gorgeous Bweaves, Summer is a great name, or maybe summer rainbow?
I love asymmetry and you’ve created a whole new necklace, BWeaves! And ooo that new pendant, Summer Rainbow, is delicious!:p

I haven’t worn this strand for awhile... at least that I remember... pastel Tahitian pearls from Druzy with a freshwater pendant I put together.

Jeg, I love your outfit & the T's go perfectly! What a great strand! Love the length & how well the pearls integrate together! The colors are fantastic! And your pastel T's are phenomenal! Your pendant is the perfect compliment!!

Beautiful Edisons, Frost Me!

BW, your pendants are amazing! I Love Walter Who, Greg Who, & La Perlagrina! I think Summer Rainbow is the perfect name for your new pendant, especially with the SS Snowman coming. I can't wait to see him!! Such wonderful beauties, each with their own character & personality!
Thanks 86C! I had fun putting that rope together, although I dropped and scrambled the original layout and had to start over! I was happy with how colorful it turned out. And then, this pastel strand is so very different. Unusual coloring.
The pastel tahitian strand is so pretty Jeg, the colors goes with everything. Sometimes my designs gets scrambled as well, mostly some cat lands amongst them creating havock. My two cats had a fight yesterday, right on my beading board where I carelessly had left my leftover tahitians and one purple edison. Big cat was grumpy and thought hitting smaller cat over the head with her ginormous paw was an apppropriate thing to do, only pausing to check out the edison pearl and then back to wacking smaller one.
Bweaves, Summer rainbow do almost have the same shape as La Perlagrina. Had they had the same bail you could use them as mismatched earrings. I love that bail on Summer rainbow, very pretty, sturdy and versatile. What about Winter Snow as name for the white south sea pendant?
Everyone looks great, as usual.
86Corvettegirl: fierce clasp!
Frost Me: so shiny!
Jeg: both strands are beautiful. Love the mixed sizes in the longer strand. The pastel strand is unusual and delicate.
BWeaves: you have some enviable pendants and I'm looking forward to seeing the Snowman.

Today I am wearing a silver keshi strand with extender and Japan Kasumi drop pendant.

The Kasumi pearl changes colour depending on the angle. Here it is next to a purple sapphire for comparison.
Ann G, that pendant is spectacular. I think drop-shape is my favourite for pearls. Love the pink thread on those keshi.
That’s a gorgeous keshistrand and pendant Ann G. Keshistrands are so beautiful with pendant. I had one but turned it into a tassel. I make a new one another time.
BWeaves, your new pendant is spectacular and Rainbow is a good name for it! Your perlagrina is also beautiful as is Greg Who! Love all your tin cups too!

Jeg, your new Tahitian strand is gorgeous and full of color!

86C, your torsade is magnificent!

Frost me, your Edison studs are so beautiful, they have a lovely color and perfect size!
Thanks Charlotta, Ann G, and Lilpearl!

Ann G, I love your combination of keshi strand with pink knots and Kasumi pendant!

Wearing my newly knotted rope again, doubled with a Kojima Tahitian pendant.