Show me your pearl ring-bling!

Adeline Leigh

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Oct 1, 2011
I've been a reader of this jewellery blog "Gem Gossip" [voted by US edition of In Style as one of the top jewellery blogs in 2011/ 2012] and ever since my Morrocan-inspired ring layout was featured in her Show Me Your Rings thread (Volume XVII), I've been wanting to do something similar on Pearl Guide.

A MUST-SEE; real women, real rings (most of the time anyways): PS: Volume IX showcases some lovely SS pearl rings!

So I'm thinking, wouldn't it be cool if those of you who are interested could submit a pearly bling-ring layout on PG and I in turn will send it Gem Gossip's way? I could try to see if we have enough respondents for her to do a volume on pearl rings; we might just get a few more members/ fans into PG that way :)

Here's mine for starters.

I am fascinated by nature-inspired designs and am always looking at expanding my ring collection with more organic gems (yay, pearls!) and designs with coral or botanical motifs.

Apart from the solitaire, what I have there include 1960's diamond gold rings (a wave design and a lotus/ coral nugget of a ring), diamond and tahitian pearl rings and my two latest estate pearl buys off ebay - an art noveau abalone blister pearl ring* and a cream baroque pearl ring sitting atop the daintiest diamond-studded daisies. In the pic that I am not grasping the passion fruit (was trying to go for a Garden of Eden look but... meh, failed), you can just about make out the rose gold and silver branch bangles that add to the nature theme.

I have the ugliest workman hands (small with squat chubby fingers, but am saved by my feet, an inheritance from my bound-footed ancestors?) but I couldn't care less. I need my rings as I gesticulate a lot as I talk and they are an extension of my personality.

Please contribute with your pearly ring-bling with your stories (if any) and would love to see us on Gem Gossip as well.

*Somewhere on the abalone pearl threads, from the estate of a now deceased widow of a U. Penn prof.


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Ooohhh.. very nice!! If possible, I want to see the more close up on the cream pearl ring, it looks so interesting!

Even though I'm not wearing pearl ring at the moment, I love to see the "big" designs on Tahitian and South Sea pearl rings. I'm currently trying to find inspiration for my mother's ring, so I'm loving all of these ring pics.
Those rings worn together would make one hell of a knuckleduster, too.
Why am I not surprised that you have a fistfull of rings!!! I hope you bought the extra extra large jewelry safe..cause I have the distinct impression that you are going to fill that baby up! They are wonderful! The squiggly gold and diamond on on your 'ring' finger (tho in your case that's a bit confusing as you have 4 ring fingers) reminds me of one my mum bought in Jamaica when we were on vacation there in about 1962..brought back memories of standing in the jewelry store while she made up her mind. Thanks for posting those photos and thanks for mentioning that site! You are so up on all things cool :)
Cute photo - so decadant! I don't have time now, but I'll try to take some photos for you later. :)
Wow! very nice collection. I aslo have a soft spot for the abalone one. The colors just stand out to me!
It's thrilling to see all the comments, everyone, but here's urging Pearl Guiders to submit your pearly (or otherwise) ring-bling to this thread. We need MORE PICTURES. I am going to write to Danielle (what a pretty name and such a darling face) of Gem Gossip to see if she can do a pearl ring volume should we have enough submissions from fellow PGers.

Blaire, bated breath. I'm really counting on you for your pictures. It'll be stratospheric. Come and knock the socks off everyone with your collection and quality pictures. What a treat.

For inspiration, to nudge PGers into taking those pics, I am copying in two of Danielle's posts (text is all hers) and don't forget to see it all for yourself at her blog -

The first is:
- "Stephanie is not only the marketing director of The Jewelbox but related to Harry Winston" {look at her gorgeous pearl rings}
The second is of:
- "reader and designer Cheyenne, most are designed by herself, can you spot her grandmother's ring?" {only one outstanding pistachio tahitian ring amongst the suite of lovelies}

Pattye: Branch bangles are from Etsy - but there's plenty more if you do a search ;)

Perlinda: I'll do a closeup of just the pearl rings this weekend for the details.

And to Kat and the rest: Don't you love the stories and sentimentality?Really liked your anecdote of Jamaica there. In fact, since most of the designs I'm into are either retro or vintage, quite a fair bit of that haul there you see in the picture are all bought off Ebay from online pawnshops and estates of the dearly departed. I've often wondered about the previous owners' stories though my friends think it's a tad creepy :p


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Wendy has some lovely rings, I particularly like this one: