September Pearl Paradise Tahitians


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Aug 8, 2009
Get ready lady's here they are the tiny white and silver Tahitian September special. They are just exquisite. Many different colors of silver to choose from and white Tahitian strands too.

I chose 4 strands two white with gold overtone free form baroque and two white with blue overtones.

Special color Tahitian pearls

White Tahitian pearl strands

with my other silver strands

With my silvers
Other silvers to choose from but I'm not sure if they are in the sale batch though. I even saw silver with pink overtones.

Trays of silver and silver blue tahitian strands

So many strands of Tahitian pearls

Selection Tahitain baroques, drops, circles and one mixed white and gold South Sea strand


Big white Tahitian pearls in free form shapes

My eyes were feasting on what was on the table that I didn't venture into the vault to see what I was missing that's how yummy these pearls are.
Gorgeous, Newberry!
There's very few online. Did all the good ones get bought already? I'm looking at you Newberry!
BW mine are not even in the bags that are pictured. The listings looks to be for each bag and strand type not per strand. It seems like the listings they do for akoyas or freshwaters rather than the Tahitians. These are more alike than different. There are plenty of very special strands left. The strands in the picture with the number 1713 the matching strands I pulled out of one of the bags that are in the picture. I chose the middle two because they matched Cathys choice.

If you are interested this is the time for white Tahitians. I bet it will be one of those one and done that Jeremy does. I have never seen stands like this before and I have been in that vault many times.

I'm thrilled with what I chose and can't wait until I get them.
Newberry - How are you having yours strung? Are you using two strands per rope, or something else?
I'm using two strands per rope with the yellow gold orbit clap. I'm going to be using them as chaines for enhancers I have. The white with blue overtones I'll wear with a silver Tahitian drop on a fluer de lis pendent. The white with gold overtones I have several diamond pendents, a diamond pave sand dollar or a 2 inch diamond and gold cross or a couple of others I'll just have to see what looks best on it.
Red if you are interested don't wait until you get here to choose. Contact Erin and let her know what you want. These are really very special.
I am really taken by white Tahitians...I have a special grouping of 17 pearls that I'm saving/hoarding...not sure what I'll do with them just yet, but I really LOVE the lighter Tahitians. They have so much character. I am very seriously considering a strand...
Here are my pearls (minus one that I set aside)

grouping of 17 pearls that I'm saving
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JP if you like the lighter pearls you should take a chance with the white body. They are totally different than the silver body Tahitians. I can't wait to take a picture with my white south seas to see the difference.
That's what I was thinking, that they'd make great ropes. Too bad I'm on pearl parole (as usual) because I have a rope small of irregular-shaped dyed gray freshwaters that I wear the heck out of every winter. Small white/light Tahitians would be quite the upgrade. I'm very jealous!
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I can't quite get my head around the with Pearl Dreams...are these WHITE white or Silver White? I must admit I've not really seen any in real life. When you say a gold overtone do you mean like a pondslime gold overtone or more like the gold cast of ripples? I was looking at a's quite tempting and if I weren't about to hop on a plane I'd most likely pull the trigger. While I'd never have pearls shipped to Australia I can have them sent to my sister in Michigan and FaceTime them lol Geeeeez the timing of things can be so difficult!
They are white body not silver and the gold overtone is not like pondslime or pearl color but color that shimmers over it. I have one white body on my tin cup so I have enlarged the picture and it is next to a white ss. The ss is not high luster it is the satiny type. And the rest of the pearls on that tin cup are silver.


Tin cups and full strands

My two white with gold overtones are the center pearls right above the bottom black tray on the plastic bag. They look a warm white color that's the gold overtone.


Hope all of this helps.
The white body gold overtone is in the middle right and the white body with blue overtone is to the center left. The third and fourth strand from the left.

The white body gold overtone is in the middle right and the white body with blue overtone is to the center left. The third and fourth strand from the left

My two strands are the second and third from the right on this tray.

My two strands are the second and third from the right on this tray