Sea of Cortez fan club

I may have the coolest kasumi ring, but you have the coolest Cortez pendant! I'm so happy that it's in the family! Enjoy it in great health. :cool:
Thank you my pearly friends!
Blair, I'm still dreaming about your beautiful kasumi ring..........;)
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It's a beautiful pearl. I remember seeing it in your album. May Douglas harvest more beautiful Cortez pearls next year and many more years so we can admire them.
So 7 months later, here are the setting that have been made: a pair of earrings and a necklace.

The earrings are composed of separate button shaped keshis set as gold studs,
then can be added to the buttons studs, 3 drop-shaped keshis hanging on gold chain.

The most beautiful from the original 32 were selected for the earrings.

As usual Sea of Cortez are not easy to capture plus the light is very sad at the moment.


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As of the necklace, after several trials, I decided to go on a "keshis-by-the-yard" necklace ; the blueish/peacock matched with the reddish/eggplant, is something delightful to see in person.


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Hi CliClasp,

very nice designs! the Sea of Cortez pearls go very good with yellow gold. I like the necklace especially. By the way, I hope to see some of your designs in person "pronto", as i?ll be in Paris most likely in the beginning of march. I?ll let you know on time.
This is beautiful and the whole set fits really well together.
Gorgeous set and really wonderful job highlighting the qualities of those lovely pearls.
Ah! Breath taking designs Anna! I love the way the came out! Sooo happy I sold you my priced Keshis :)
Ah Douglas you really are are the "old biker that I love" !!!
I post the photo 7 months ago so we say in french :
" better late than never" which is the translation of : "mieux vaut tard que jamais" which joke is " vieux motard que j'aimais" which english could be "old biker that I love" !!!
Anyway I am glad you like what I did !
I wrote a guide to pearls in french where I mentioned the Sea of Cortez pearls and Marie-Antoinette's mexican pearl necklace (but they did not publish the photo".