Product testing


purveyor of pearls UK/EU
Aug 18, 2007
I've recently come back from a week's rigorous and exhaustive product tahtians...9-11mm, very varied, not classically rated but great in a long strand on leather... IMG 0020IMG 0013more product testing.JPG (Beach Collection)
We take quality control very seriously, as you can see...!
It looks like they tested well! If you ever need a hard working employee to assist with your rigorous research, I'm in!
Haha, how fun! Your tahitians look smashing in that tropical setting ;D
Haha, how fun! Your tahitians look smashing in that tropical setting ;D

I'm heading to the tropics soon. Why is it that I'm mostly excited about seeing how my pearls look there? (Guess I'll be conducting some supporting research on my own.) that first pic of your tahitians in a swimming pool? If so, was the pool chlorinated? If so, how did the pearls respond? I've been fearful of wearing any of my pearls near a swimming pool, it would be so cool if I could do this without stressing out...lots of pool-time in the summer :)
Love this thread! Glad you take your work so seriously and how you sacrifice for your customers :)
Yet more testing. testng barbie.jpg
Yes. the first pic is in a pool. I don't know how it was cleaned but it did not smell of chlorine nor was it salty..could have been UV. As far as I know pearls don't mind a quick meeting with very dilute chemicals. The problem is usually if they are on silk which will of course rot very quickly if often damp. If they are on a synthetic or caitlin's beloved fishing line then they should be fine (you could rinse them...and avoid very chemical pools which won't do you much good either)