Pearls and Sunscreen?


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Feb 15, 2022
Hello Everyone!

I love wearing my pearls in summer, but I’m always terribly afraid to wear them with sunscreen because of the potential effects the chemicals may have on their luster. I’m a hat lover, so I wear broad-brimmed hats instead, but sometimes this just isn’t enough sun protection. How do you all deal with the summer sun when wearing your pearls? Are there any special products or tips you might recommend? Thank you!
I live in hot humid Florida. I either wear pearls or sunscreen. Or pearls over my clothing and not touching my skin. I don't even like my regular skin cream to sweat onto my pearls. If I want to dress up and think I'm going to be outside in the sun, I'll wear gold or silver instead of pearls.
Same for me. Sunscreen or pearls, but not together. I have lots of non-pearl jewelry that isn't harmed by sunscreen and can wear that instead.
If it's especially hot and muggy, I'm more comfortable without any necklace at all.
It doesn’t get hot and muggy here, but I avoid wearing strands around my neck when it gets too hot because I can get sweaty. I use a reef friendly mineral sunscreen when I wear sunscreen. It doesn’t contain chemicals, but I don’t know how pearl friendly it would be. I still wear a lot of strands in the summer if I am going to be mostly indoors, but that is without sunscreen.
Whether its sunscreen or regular skin cream, etc. I make sure there is nothing around my neck or chest when wearing pearls. I don't want any chemicals on them.
Another thought. Wear pearl earrings. They don't tend to come into as much contact with your skin as necklaces and bracelets do.

Also, if your neckline is high, a pearl pendant on a chain is great because the pearl is resting on the fabric, not your chest. The chain on your neck is easily washed.
Ah, too bad, I was hoping there would be some magic, pearl-safe product out there! Well, I’ll just continue with wearing my hats then!

@CatMom - Me too! I always scrub my skin with Dr. Bronner’s soap and rinse before putting on my pearls to keep them nice and clean.

@BWeaves - That’s good advice about the pearl pendant. I’m too timid to wear my earrings with sunscreen though - I just don’t want to risk them!

Thanks for the advice everyone! :)
It's always a good idea to perform minor cleaning on your pearls after -let's say, a hot & humid day- wearing them, especially if the pearls were laid against your skin.
A soft microfiber cloth with a bit of water (not dripping water, just humid enough) and run the pearls through it...quick and easy!