Help requested for identifying blackish pearls please


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Jul 7, 2023
Hello pearl people! Im hoping someone can help me identify these pearls. These came via my stepmother who recently passed and I’m sure they’re real, not glass, but that’s where my knowledge ends. The strand is 36in long, individually well knotted 11mm and weighs 5 ounces on the dot. They’re a purplish chocolatey brownish black color…they don’t have that gasoline like luster I see sometimes but a more uniform in color from pearl to pearl. I tried to photograph the blemishes and tried to get a photo down one of the holes but the knots are too snug to do it without pulling too much. The surface has almost like a slightly hammered effect, if that makes sense.
Any ideas on what they are? Id love to wear them but they’re so heavy compared to my usual necklaces. Thank you for any assistance!
My uneducated guess was dyed freshwaters as well. They are a lovely color. I hope you can find a way to wear them comfortably.
Thank you, I hope so too! They’re very cold to the touch and take a while to warm up, so I think the shock of temp difference plus the weight just makes me more aware I’m wearing them. I’ve always been sensitive to clothes and textures but I like them so much, I may have to push through!
Dyed chocolate freshwater pearls were in a few years ago about the same time as brown, I mean chocolate, diamonds.