Pearl project, article and book suggestions


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Jan 30, 2022
Hello, I am going to write a project on cultivating pearls the current practices and problems in today’s world.
I was wondering if anyone had some good books and articles for me to read.
Thank you very much.
Hello RebeccaP and welcome to our pearl loving forum!
I would recommend heading out to this thread we have on the forum:
Pearl Books and Resources -
This thread and sub-threads are FULL OF INFORMATION about videos, books and other resources that you can use.

Welcome aboard!
May I add: Take the Pearls As One course ... infinitely informative, fascinating and fun :)
I actually did take the course last year, it was very good indeed, that's part of the reason I've chosen this as my project.
Ooh, that's great RebeccaP; fascinating, isn't it? Good luck with your project :)
Hi. can you be more specific, please. Exactly what do you mean and what level of study? Who is this for? How much effort do you want to expend?
So it will just be a 2000 word "article" kind of essay, UK study level 6, I do want to put in some good effort to make it nice and interesting.
As you are in the UK you might like to start with my own book...

Totally. A very recent addition to pearl as fresh as possible!
Ah great, I just saw I can buy it from cooksons, so I can collect it tomorrow! Thank you.