pearl necklace design evolution between origins and modern times


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Dec 28, 2017
As pearl necklaces fashion and styles changed even for well known jewels (josephine necklace as example), I think there has been a evolution for more common jewellry too, but would get more information about it.
Is there a source for fashion evolution from early XIX to end of XX, even actual period, focused on classical design?
I would know the average lenght fashion, size and color of pearls, size and style of clasp, and maybe one or several strands, additionnal pendant or other details.
So I am offering each one who wants to help to share informations about specific design or periods, lets tell, mostly 1850-1950
This way it could help to recognize a specific design or era, or maybe a wrong seting using innacurate parts.
I am thinking about it because it makes several times I think I see inaccuracies.
IF you know some design well, please share!
Would also be interesting to see if fashion is different depending on countries even I am more thinking about occidental fashio.