Pearl Knotting Video

Those are some gorgeous huge pearls she is stringing!!! Terrific, thanks very much, Jeremy!
Thank you Jeremy, that is very helpful. How is the clasp attached?
Hi Jeremy,

Finally got to watch this video. My main computer was at Apple for 2 months:mad: and the old laptop I was using inbetween was just too slow for video. Nice clip, seemed I could almost catch some Chinese in the background. Those pearls were gorgeous and enormous. LOL What was the pearl size, if you remember or can judge?
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They knotted the clasp in as the final step, believe it or not.

If you can hear the chatting in the background you can hear us discussing the strand she is knotting! It is a 17.5mm, non-graduated strand.
time for some Holiday 'klonking'

always love watching ths :)
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