Pearl farming photo essay in Islands Magazine

Was your issue April/May or June/July? I can't see a date anywhere.
I just picked up the issue. It's awesome, and a great way for me to back up my little talk to customers about a Tahitian pearl representing a way of life. I'm still getting to that farm one of these days, but maybe Portland first now that we're going to be Mainland neighbors, Josh. And what pearl contest? I have to take a closer look at the magazine.
Hi Lisa, It's the June 2011 issue.
Hey Sheryl, yeah when are you going to get out to the farm anyway?
The pearl contest will be run off the Islands Magazine website any day now, don't know exactly when.
When am I going to get to the farm? Great question. Sad to say that it will be easier to get there from LA then Hawaii. I may get to Portland first. Are you coming down this summer???