Pearl Farm visit in the Philippines


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Jan 5, 2023
Hi.....I'm planning a trip to Palawan later this month.I will be visiting Coron. El Nido and Puerto Princissa.
Can anyone advise me where the farms are located and how easy it is to access them.
Many thanks in advance to all.
Absolutely! But I need a lot of advance notice- too many trips planned a ways out…:cool::LOL:
I am pretty sure Jewelmer would want plenty of advance notice before we descend upon them too ;)

We have talked about it in the past. It would be a truly epic trip. It's one of the most beautiful places I've ever visited.
I remember sitting around a dinner table while you and Jacques were talking about a possible group trip. And I especially remember sitting next to Sarah and both of us raising our hands with “We’re in!”:D:ROFLMAO:
I have Vietnam penciled in for March of 2025, but I’d be up for any other time that is not too close to that. Of course, that’s all still a little flexible at this point…
I dunno if I should go...maybe I won't leave!
Pattye! Am I too old? Can I take my scooter, sigh??? I can swim though, so I wouldn't have to walk so much ...