Pearl and Gemstones

Good Heavens Above,
Boo, they are all gorgeous; and I am speechless at the brown dyed freshwaters.
That is unbelievable. Masterly design....
What a fabulous way of using those pearls. I am delighted that they found their way to someone who can do them justice.
Crochet wire work ? A stroke of genius.
I am gobsmacked at the end result.
I say again - lowly beaders? my eye.
I can string and knot, and think of myself as possibly a lowly beader.
You guys are something else.
I hereby award you an MBE - Member of the Beading Elite.
When I first took up residence here, I was the first and only beader. Commercial quality freshwater pearls were the poor little step children, thus "lowly beader". Now I am just so impressed at how the imagination feeds on the atmosphere here, and the quality of design has gone up so much!

If yall don't take it seriously, we could give Pearlitzer prizes to quite a few lowly beaders!:p ;)
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Caitlin Williams said:
If yall don't take it seriously, we could give Pearlitzer prizes to quite a few lowly beaders!:p ;)

Pearlitzer Prize!:D Clever!
Caitlin, the "Lowly Beaders Club" inspired me to take my first tentative steps into beading and knotting. I am quite happy to leave the Pearlitzers for literary contributions such as GemGeek provides. "Lowly" suits me fine :p

Sueki, you are so sweet! I am glad you approve.
Boo, you are so modest. I love your stuff. In fact, because of you, I have a bunch of sandals that need pearling! ;)
To All Lowly beaders club nmembers

Everybody here does such great stuff!. Me I am pretty boring with my Historical "reproduction stuff". Doing it just becasue I can and to satisfy and itch to bead.

What I like about everyones work is the individual flare to the creater of a piece! love it.. all are distinct and very insporational!


You're bang on - my imagination has fed continuously since finding the lowly beader's club.
I'd never have had the gall to try my hand at stringing and knotting, and certainly never have found the tips and wrinkles without these boards.
Boo, you are indeed too modest.
Your pieces truly are fabulous. And I'm still speechless at the crocheted wire....
Ash, you, too are too modest - I've seen the photos you posted of the chalice cover and bag, for example.
Long may you all reign.
True Pearly Queens (and a Pearly King or two, I think).
I like the black pearls with the garnets, spaces and all. I actually like the effect of the spaces between the knots and the pearls in black thread, and in multiple strands! It looks bohemian to me.
Hi Perlas,

Happy New Year to you too(and the whole forum gang!)!

Love your charming creations. Very professional looking work. The SS golden set is killing me.

Hi Perlas and Boo,

Love your designs! Especially the lavender baroque with andalusite and SS keshi with tanzanite. So lovely!

Happy New Year to all,:)
I like the combination of pearls and other gemstones. One of my favorites is the one shown
South Sea Pearls with Coral
by Picchiotti

43picchiotti .jpg

111picchiotti .jpg

616.jpicchiotti pg.jpg