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Happy New Year!

I really like incorporating pearls with gemstones and I've noticed that a lot of beaders here are already doing nice mixes of gemstones in their pearls.

Please post your works here. I would be very interested to get some nice ideas.

I've already done a couple of pieces. Here are the photos. Tell me what you think!

The first piece is a strand of lavander baroque FWs with faceted andalusite beads...


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This once is actually a thin beadwork that I use as a chain for pendants... Here it sort of doubles as an accent to a golden south sea set.


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A closer shot...Chain is made with small oval seed pearls with peridots, kyanites, and garnets.


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Lovely work and great color combinations.;) I'd love to see a closer look at the clasp on the lavender strand. It almost looks like one of the pearls.

Thanks for posting your new work. Keep it up and keep those photos coming!:cool:
Yes, that chain is great! I'd never thought of something so delicate but I can absolutely see me with a piece like that. Maybe even a few. What gauge wire is it, bead size, and are they single looped or wrapped? Very versatile!
Hi Gemgeek! The clasp is actually just an ordinary corrugated ball clasp but I think it worked well forthe baroque strand.

Hi pearl_dreams and Knotty! Thanks for the compliment. The wire is made with small single loops (24 guage) so the beads look closer together. Garnet beads are 2mm; kyanites, peridots and pearls around 3mm.
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Hmmm...the thinnest wire I have right now is 24 gauge. Time to look for some 26 gauge!

And now I know what to do with some of the tiny beads in my boxes that I've been looking at-- pink and green tourmalines, pearls, garnets, apatites, mookites, and even some horn.
Ah! You edited! I know I read 26 gauge at first but I'm glad to see 24 gauge is thin enough! :D
Hi Sam
What fabulous work!!! I am impressed. Those purple baroques are so dark! Did you get them locally? (I know they are from China, but if you can get colors like that at Greenhills(sp?) I am so happy for you.)
Hi Pearl_dream! Please post a picture when you're done, even if there are no pearls on it.

Hi Caitlin, Yes, just from Greenhills. They got it from the last HK show. :)
Hi Perlas,

Lovely combinations! I do think the spacer-gem rondelles are a great combo with the baroque pearls! I have only done sunstone (pale gold) with pearls so far, but liked the effect. You've got me rummaging through my bead drawers again----and the chain is awesome! Please keep the designs coming.

so many pearls, so little time
Nice stuff. Nice use of sacers and in yout Goldens nice use of making sure they are the focal point!!! What fun!

Hi Sam
and congratulations on your beautiful chain design! Love the lavender baroques, what nice orient and luster. I envy you to be so close to a pearl market!

Keep sending photos...:)
Okay - here are my offerings. Once again, I apologize for the photo quality. If you guys only knew how many I have to take to get even these!

Anyway, I forgot to resize my photos before uploading them, so I am posting links to the bigger files rather than risk the edge cutoff that the larger photos seem to cause.

The first is dyed FW with labradorite discs. Sadly, the labradorite hardly flashes at all, but I still like the way the dark tones work together:

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with this next one. I really think it is quite pretty, but I made it when I was just starting out as a knotter, and my knots leave a lot to be desired - there are big gaps between a lot of the pearls and beads. Therefore it irks the obsessive/compulsive part of me. In additions, the bits of silk tend to wrap around themselves and make it very difficult to figure out how to untwist the strands. I have to store it very carefully, and drape it very deliberately and use a shortener rather than just looping it around my neck. It is taller than I am (even looped), so I guess it's somewhere around 130" long.

Black FW ovals with tiny garnets:

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