October Tahitians

Is there a reason you're on the fence? Was it not what you expected? If it's an either/or situation, I agree with everyone about the first strand. It's stunning! If you're not sure about keeping this one too, go with your gut and return it
Thank you everyone for your comments.

Annie, if I hadn't seen the first strand, I would have liked your second strand better. The first one had amazing color and luster with a lot of interesting shapes. Hard to beat the combo.

I actually received the darker strand first and then ordered the other strand because it looked so great - even on the site's picture. I can't believe it didn't sell immediately. I'm keeping the peacock strand; it has such wonderful color!

CBPearllover asked why I'm on the fence about the darker strand. I wasn't sure what to expect with the darker strand - so it isn't that it failed expectations. I think it just pales in comparison to the peacock strand. However, it does have different overtones than my other Tahitian strands.

...but I do have a problem in that I rarely meet a Tahitian strand that I can't find some reason to love it. lol
Love seeing the strands and pearls people are sharing!

Although I missed the boat on the October sale, I just pulled the trigger on 6 lovely loose Tahitians. The problem is I'm not really sure what to do with them. Earrings? Pendants? I don't think 6 is enough for a tin-cup.

Wish me luck :D
Thank you suchi and GoldenMaia.

I kept the first strand I posted and sent the other one back to PP.