New fireball... with cracks


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Dec 25, 2018
I’ve just received a new fireball pendant from a reputable online vendor.. On the plus side, it’s amazingly lustrous, iridescent, big (30mm long), I love the shape, and it wasn’t terribly expensive for a pearl with all these good qualities (setting is sterling silver and CZ). BUT there are some significant cracks coming from the drill hole that weren’t disclosed in the description (see final pic). From an aesthetic perspective they’re not too big a problem (positioned at the top and back so I can partially see them looking down, but not apparent from any other angle when worn), but I’m a bit worried about durability. Also a bit miffed that they weren’t mentioned in the description - I don’t expect perfect, mikimoto-quality pearls, but I like to know what I’m getting. Tossing up whether to keep it or cop the international postage to return it. Any thoughts?
Oh wow .. that's a pretty significant crack . I assume it happened when drilling , which can happen to anyone, but that's a large crack. I can see your concern, especially with it being a pendant and the possibility of it banging into something when you lean over . I think they should cover the shipping as it's a large flaw that wasn't disclosed. Though to be fair , I suppose it could have been a hairline crack that they didn't notice and it expanded due to being tossed about during shipping and possible temperature changes ?

This is why I always photograph my pearls from every direction and different light sources prior to shipping. Which country to you need to return it to ?
Thanks Katbran. As you’d know, pretty much all international shipping from Australia is expensive. In this case, it’s to the UK. Auspost says $21, so it’s not totally prohibitive.
Have you contacted the seller yet? If they don’t feel they can resell it due to the cracks, they might tell you not to bother shipping it back.
I agree, contact the vendor and send the photos or link to this thread.

I understand the laws in the UK are very protective of buyers' rights, so there is that.
Maybe it cracked during transport. I'm sure the vendor, if it's a reputable one, will help you with this. It's such a beautiful pendant otherwise, but I wouldn't want a crack like that either.
It looks great on you, what a pity about the crack.
Who knows what happens during shipping... I agree, contact the seller.
Oh, that's sad! Would you want to keep the pearl if offered a partial refund? Contact the seller and let them know what you feel would be a fair adjustment. Otherwise they should pay for return shipping and full refund.

Most likely this crack occurred when drilled and the pearl shouldn't have been offered for sale without full disclosure.

Please let us know how you resolve this.
Can you feel the crack when you run your fingernail over it?

I have a fireball with a crack and was told that it could not be drilled, so I suspect your crack happened after the fact and possibly during shipping?

I would keep it, myself -- it's beautiful -- but request a partial credit from the seller. I don't think I'd go to the trouble to return it.
Thanks everyone for your advice. An update on the outcome: The vendor responded promptly and promised the crack was not there when they shipped it. I’ve bought from this vendor before without any problems, and it’s a long way from the UK to Australia, so this is entirely plausible. They have offered to send me a replacement pendant, and no return shipping required, so I am a happy customer. I’ve asked for a replacement in any colour other than peach. I’ll post photos when it arrives.
A happy result! One suggestion: ask for photos of the replacement pendant before it is shipped. (Just in case you don't like it and prefer a refund, or a different pendant.)

Years ago I bought a mabe pendant on eBay that went lost in the mail. The seller offered to replace or refund; I accepted a replacement. But I didn't like it as well as the first one and in retrospect wished I'd gotten a refund.
I'm glad this has been resolved & the seller is taking care of it. It's a beautiful pearl & made a gorgeous pendant but that's a substantial crack. It's a shame. Hopefully, the replacement will be just as beautiful.
I'm sure this happened during shipping. Some of the fine cracks are practically invisible and it only takes pressure or a large change in temperature to open it up. I'm glad you have resolved the problem. Sellers that are recommenced here are overall very reliable and it's possible with the large time difference that any correspondence was seen a bit later .

It's a very pretty pearl , what a shame. But I'm sure the replacement pearl will be just as pretty as I'm sure you'll see when you look at the photos. Please do post a photo of the replacement ! Glad this has been resolved .
Pearl friends, the story has a happy ending - the vendor shipped me a new pendant, this time in rainbow/lavender shades, and it is lovely. The shape seems to have been matched very carefully. I am a happy customer and will purchase from this vendor again.