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Oh wow! Guess I better start saving ;)
I suppose my WSS necklace has become a fashion necklace at this point. After the clasp I added a jedi spinel pendant slightly off centre; the plan is to slowly add more of these charms as occasions pass. Unfortunately this photo doesn’t quite capture the red of the rubies or spinel well enough. They absolutely glow in the sunlight adding some wonderful colour to the pearls


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Very pretty, very classic...and that clasp and jedi spinel add an additional flair to it. Great luster, love the bluish overtones. Beautiful piece :)
I thought I would add these seems we don't have a thread about "Pearl in the Fine Arts" section, and maybe there should not be one!
But these are just a couple of images from an artist that draws...PEARLS of all things!
And her art is magnificent, truly lovely!

Look at these 2 examples...
Bio Luisa Lizarraga
Bio Luisa Lizarraga
Her name is Luisa Lizarraga Pratt, she is from Perú is her Biopic:
Bio Luisa Lizarraga
I'm just going to leave these pics here; from the Mikimoto High End Collection. I would sell a kidney to buy these earrings & necklace! Oh, be still my heart!!


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Oh wowwwweeeee! That necklace is amazing!
It sure is. Would love to see Anya Taylor-Joy wearing it. I can see her wearing these with this hairdo, but different clothing:
She sure does! She would look great with pearls...I haven't seen her wearing any. Not that I really "follow" celebs...but I really enjoyed "The Queen's Gambit" and I loved her portrayal on this Netflix series.
Found these beautiful pieces from Suzzane Kalan just a couple of days ago...what do you think of these?

And the earrings!
Also....designer Jasmin Sparrow (not related to the famous pirate nor to the "Black Pearl" ship) has some unique items prepared...headgear the piece on the right side what I believe is?
It might be the same item...just on a mat...:yeah:
CortezPearls that emeralds + Tahitian pearl earrings are absolutely beautiful! A classic and luxurious style. I don’t think you can ever go wrong with emeralds and green toned Tahitians. They command attention as well as a big chunk of your wallet :biggrin:
I also enjoy the look of green Alexandrite and pearls...makes for a less expensive alternative (meethinks!)
CortezPearls I think natural Alexandrite is actually is rarer gemstone than the emeralds. However there are a lot of lab created alexandrite stones on the market. If the consumer doesn’t mind they certainly are a less expensive option
Talking about lab/grown gemstones...back in the 1990's I was exhibiting at the Tucson Gem Show (I believe it was at the G&LW) and our next-booth neighbor was this Russian Engineer whose company had created several varieties of lab grown gemstones (I remember rubies and emeralds) and he had BRICKS of them! Literally, you could make a wall with these beautiful bricks.

My expertise stops at pearls and amber. Thanks for the education echo :veryhappy: