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Jun 11, 2004
We've decided to start a new forum here on that will focus on pure style and fashion. I'd love to see forum members posting here telling us merchants what styles they would like to see more of and what styles they think need to be put back in the box.

Since this is a new forum, I'll encourage all members to post their ideas about what information they would like to see covered.

Personally I always watch the red carpet and fashion magazines to see what celebs are wearing pearls and I'll be sure to post any interesting finds I come across.

As always your input and posts are greatly appreciated

Cool thread/idea.

I love open link chains, bracelets--with neat geo shapes (especially sleek ovals) with pearls in odd or even numbers.....women of all ages can wear this type of jewellery and looks great dressed up or down, in layers or single...

As previously mentioned I like high carat golds and pearls; small pearls on bangles (hammered or plain gold); or in hoop earrings or large pearls in rings; funky and elegant....

Awesome! I'm glad to see this new section on the pearl-guide. Pearls are the on-trend fashion accessory of today and it will be wonderful to get consumers' feedback on what they want to wear.
That was my thinking when starting this section, why not let the consumers and collectors tell us what they like instead of us telling them what they should like.

I also wanted to get some discussions going on pure fashion and not the form VS. function debate that seems to come up so often.

Pearls are many things to many people, to me they are fashion, to Zeidi they are collectibles. There's no sense arguing about apples and oranges.
Styles in pearl-jewellery

Styles in pearl-jewellery

It is nice to hear that You (sellers) are interested what we as customers do like. I am quite conservative and really do like necklaces the old-fashioned way as well as necklaces in combination of metal-staves (gold, silver, platinum) and pearls.

What I would like to see more of are necklaces in several rows at different length-niveaus that go in bows with perhaps a larger baroque pearl at the centre. I do not know what the style is called but one can see it here in Europe quite often with small gem-stones like almandins or garnets. The whole necklace has a "dainty" almost floral look and would be nice together with evening-wear, I think.

Hope this will lead to interesting and beautiful pearl-jewellery.

Inge Jernberg:rolleyes: :)
Hey Jerin,

I'm not exactly sure if I can picture the style you are talking about, but if you can find a picture by all means start a new thread for us and maybe one of the sellers here will take some notes ;)
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Hi All
I like that dog collier, Zeide. Does anyone know of any dog collars in black pearls? Or a pattern for one?

My younger daughter is trying to get me to make one for her, but I'd rather locate one for sale. Each row has to taper and if she isn't here to fit, I think I'll get the pearl count all wrong. I actually got the pearls and spacers earlier this year. She wants a 5 row.
ha, no I don't think any of those above pieces are well suited for the grocery store at all.

Honestly I don't like those styles at all, its certainly taking the "classical look" to another level.

I think the reason why you don't see pieces like this for sale on mainstream websites is the work involved and the very narrow demographic that this style appeals to.

Of course I'm sure many sellers could/would make a piece like this as a custom order, but I doubt you'll see anybody carry pieces like this anytime soon. Unless they are cheap pre-made pieces from china, I personally wouldn't put my brand on those though.
I was thinking the the dog collier looks really Edwardian. It looks so lovely with belted, white gauzey dresses which are in style this season. That picture of the Romanovsky (?) princesses, Alexandras daughters, on page 24 of Pearls and People is the ultimate debutante look. Reminds me of the Jon R Neill drawings in the later Oz books too.
i have a pearl necklace that is so simple but i like it. it can be worn in almost anything from jeans to casuals to cocktails.

until i bumped into this forum, my interest is in colored diamonds. i don't even like pearls because of personal struggles with durability issues.

but i bought this necklace years ago because of it's simplicity.

the wire used is 14k gold, the freshwater pearls are interchanged 3mm and 5mm pearls.

near the drop are amethyst and peridot beads.


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Swag colliers

Swag colliers

Hi Perlas, Zeide, Caitlin.

I did not even know the name for such colliers, the one I have in mind would be like Perlas plus tow bows at each side, totally simple in style. The first of the swag colliers that Zeide had, I do not like, it is too much of everything. I did like the second one much better, still I would have it even more simple, just like Perlas collier, with the "string" in the center and a nice symmetrical drop-pearl.

I am fully aware of that this piece would not be for everyone, but than the cotegory of customer Zeide, Caitlin and I represent, is simply in quite another league, if I may say so....

Anyhow, it was just a response to Your wish about us customers participating!

Inge Jernberg:)
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Hi Perlas,
I like the photos of the necklace you posted; it's very delicate. I can see how you could dress it up or down.

dog collar in black pearls

dog collar in black pearls

Hi all,
It's not a dog collar per se, but Zeide's post reminded me of this necklace, which has sold very well this season. It does have something Victorian about it... especially when it is layered like that.


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I have been noticing the mirror on many of the newer CFWPs is very shiny. There were no CFWP like these at the shows when I joined this forum in 2004. I even have some from a show last year though. I am wondering what processing produces this irridescent mirror? My picture is not as good, and neither are the pearls- but almost. I just don't have the pro photography. Will this luster wear off?
The pearls below are 9-10mm. I got a hank of them (maybe 12 strands) at one of the Tucson Shows from Evergreen in LA.


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The quality of the black dyed pearls is really much better this year. Nice to know they are less processed. I thought maybe they went into some chamber with the metallic vapor coatings. Whatever, they are nicer looking pearls than were available just 2 years ago,
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I see no ones posted here in a while. I wanted to mention that flipping through fashion mags while buying groceries the other day I noticed a few long strands of small pearls. Long like below the chest.
Also at the Oscars watching the pscars I saw some large south sea looking dangle earrings.
Hi Casey-

Those were indeed South Sea pearl earrings from Chopard. They caught my eye as well, and it's always a pleasure to see pearls in the spotlight amongst all that diamond glitz! I think Penelope Cruz was also showing off a pair of South Sea pearl bobs with diamond accents that looked gorgeous on her!
Must say re:Oscars and other like events, disappointed to see so few necklaces, especially any lovely pearl types. I'm not a stylist for sure, but some ladies would have benefited from a great pearl strand or multiples. Maybe with a little less earring length.;)
Here is one of my current favorite jewelry sites. I love the designs. They have a pearl section as well as some interesting colored stone jewelry. Even some pieces that incorporate both. I believe they designed Angelina Jolie's jewelry for the Golden Globes.

Patty, Me too. I love necklaces and especially pendants