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BW & Pattye thanks for some feed back. I had a particular client ask if they were too trendy. She owns several broken antique brooches which had tiny little seed pearls and was wanting something designed with them. It is so far just a thought in her head...we'll see.
This is great and how fitting!

I had a cool pair garnet and yellow gold ear cuffs once. I was always afraid I was going to lose them. I finally gave them away to a lady named Garnet in exchange for a silk kimono.
I agree, if they stay in place, most don't. This was a older look from the late 1990's early 2000.
Are there two holes? If not, I can see how they might start falling.
The problem with having two posts is that they have to line up exactly with the wearer's earring holes, and that may be tricky.
there is definitely a resurgence of popularity for them. I saw a very young lady wearing pearl climbers in one ear and a threader on the other ear that she threaded through her 1st and 2nd piercing and a tiny pearl stud in the third. I should've asked to take a picture.
This is really cool (impractical but cool):

Pearl Everything.jpg

(Girl with the Pearl Everything)

I like tin cups and floating necklaces, but there is only a couple of online vendors I know off that carry these styles. It would be great if more vendors would offer a wider selection, with 14k or 18k and different type of pearls, sizes, chain styles, etc...
PP will make you anything you want. And Kojima carries quite a few one of a kind pieces.
Might help to "jolt" this thread...there are many new designers out there, some with inspiring or playful designs. I read this article today, might find it interesting ;)
I particularly liked this one:
So fun to see these unique designs, Douglas. I looked up the Maviado earrings because I wanted to see how big they are...they are door knockers...and only cost a mere £10,995. But they do have other lovely pearl and gemstone earrings that are relatively reasonable.

I do find myself attracted to a combination of pearls and gems. The Asseal blog has some breathtaking unique combinations. I was particularly struck by the blue gems and SSP combos. (Hope it’s ok to post photos from their blog? They do allow pins to Pinterest.)

Just in...there were some gorgeous hats with pearls at today's Royal Ascot. You can see them at under "Ascot Day 1 Roundup."
It helps them with long as we use their name here :) and I actually "Pinned the image" (love to do this).
The Golden-Blue combo is indeed interesting...if you catch any other interesting jewelry, please do share it here TriciaS :D
I justo got his eMail...and it features a most splendidly and lavish Mikimoto jewelry design made using assorted pearls...even Melo and Conch!
The article states: "In 2013, the company celebrated the 120th anniversary of this occasion with the release of a very special piece of jewellery: the Dreams & Pearls crown" and it is indeed something extraordinary.

You can read the entire article HERE and also...view the gorgeous photos :biggthumpup:
Ooh la la, Douglas. Those are some fabulous Miki's. I wouldn't turn any of them down.

BTW, I discovered the Assael bracelet of turquoise and GSSP's costs a mere $33,000 on the Saks Fifth Avenue website.