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CortezPearls I’m no expert either Douglas :). Just a jewellery enthusiast who has some surface knowledge about gemstone. The water is so deep in the gemstone market. It really takes a good willed vendor to fully disclose the stuff they are selling. Many treatments are only recognisable in lab environments which makes it quite difficult for consumers.
Ok! I found this article today with lots of interesting photos... I cannot say these are fashionable, they are definitively unique and sometimes downright weird! But weird is good too! :wave:

You can read the entire post here: Rating Freaky Pearl Jewelry is Our New Favorite Thing - Gem Gossip - Jewelry Blog

But just to whet your appetite for "pearl weirdness" I will share a few photos here:



Mikimoto's New Black on Black Pearl Jewelry Line: And I have just one word for it. BLACK.

You can see the rest of the article by clicking here.
They are sort of pretty with the black metal, gold...I did see a ring on Instagram yesterday that I thought was pretty. Looks like they are trying to reach a bigger group of customers. And I am happy that they used slightly dropshaped pearls and some different colors in the bracelet. Sometimes their pieces are to perfect and don't look real, always pretty but unreal non the less. That's just my opinion, I know lots of people love their pearls.
CortezPearls lol those are halloween pearls. Great to see unconventional designs.

In a video I watched before Robert mentioned Mikimoto’s black pearls were supplied by Robert Wan. Not sure if it is still the case. Just feels weird to buy Tahitian pearls from a pearl company specialises in akoyas. Though they are lovely contemporary designs
:lol: echo I hear you!
Mikimoto slowly evolved into a fashion brand, now selling many different kinds of luxury items. Their jewelry line grew to encompass South Seas and Tahitian pearls, but the name just brings out a screaming "Akoya!" on our minds...always.
I agree with you...lovely contempo pieces!
I read one of those articles that popped up on my yahoo mail a few months ago...something like "50 Things that are Out of Style" and simple pearls were on the list! I was shocked, especially since pearls are making news in the fashion world with new and edgy designs. With more and more men getting interested in pearl accessories, I think there will be a new come-back. Mikimoto is wise to reach out to this growing market as well as expanding into what the younger crowd wants to wear. Girls seem to like thin layered gold with small accents, like pearls.
On the posted necklace, I love how the "rondels" look like dark metallic bolts and of course, the trademark "M" mixed in! Very trendy. Also, from what I've seen, the men are drawn towards the darker Tahitians in their strands.
I've been asked to re-string my hairdresser's grandmother's pearls for him to wear. He wants them mixed with stone beads strung on leather. I think it's great! Let the pearls live on and flourish.
the collection is so structured, well inherit the brand's simple aesthetic.nodoubt another nice recognition! tasaki works so well!👍👍