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I am glad this thread was resurrected. I love seeing different and new pieces such as those featured here. I wish I owned them all, they are so much fun!
Ethereal wire and pearl necklace

Ethereal wire and pearl necklace

Check this out - it looks like it's floating....... so pretty!
wire keshi pearl necklace2.jpgwire keshi pearl necklace3.jpgwire keshi pearl necklace1.jpg

Love those "natural necklaces" too...... very organic.......
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My first thought was: that is going catch on every single thing in my daily life :) My hair, my daughters hair, my sweaters, the blanket... I guess it is what you'd call An Opera Piece.

- Karin
I love to seen new styles and designs of pearl sets.
I really like this thread.continue the good work mates.


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What stunning works of art. I'm noticing how unique clasps and finishes make the strand a true standout. For me the clasp should be of great quality or really simple and elegant like the micro claps. I have has a baroque strand of Tahitian pearls with a baroque clasp and I see how it makes the strand.
I think this is an old forum, but since I am now re-newing my interest in pearls, I thought I would post some ideas.
First, I love long ropes. I have a 34", a 36", and a 50". I love the swing and it goes very well with the loose top/skinny botttom look today. It seems everytime I wear a rope, I get a comment about what a great look it is. So, long ropes might sell. The 50" looks great just all by itself, a clean simple look. The shorter ropes look good when worn together.

The other thought I have is a pearl tassle necklace. They are very hard to find, and the only vendor I know that sells nice ones is Ivanka Trump (which I'm not exactly crazy about her as a jeweler but sadly she does have nice tassle necklaces). Below is a link to some of her tassle jewelry.

Just some thoughts for your consideration. The tassle necklace might have limited buyers, but the ropes I think would sell very well, especially advertised that you can wear one long as a single or wrap them.
Hello everyone......
I am Milli here, I am newbie in this forum Just join for saying hello to all. I like pearls so much, Which pics you share in this forum that's all are really stunning.
Glad to be a part of this forum. Hope i stay and enjoy there.
First of all I want to say that nice idea and I like too much the pictures of peals which share in this thread.
happy happy thread! love this! do y'all use Pinterest? There should be a group pinterest board...mine for pearls is:

BUT OF COURSE we also need to keep the thread going.

(if you look at my pearls board, it's a little embarrassing as y'all will see about 1/3 of the images are from things youv'e posted here! heh)
I would love to see more cluster rings - I'm thinking concentric circle or star patterns, at least 3 levels (so we are talking 13+ (ish) pearls). Not all necessarily the same size, but could be. Tightly clustered, simple, uncluttered/unadorned/unfiligreed band. It would be a statement/cocktail ring, really, but why not make a statement?

This is something I know I've been looking for for a while.
I would like to twist a longer pearl necklace into a torsade look. What type of holder should I use and where may they be purchased? I don't like the idea of a satin ribbon. Thanks for any suggestions- Vi
Reviving this thread to share a design that I like but haven't seen on any of the main vendor sites. I really love the graduated 5 pearl (or more) floating/slider necklace design. I saw one in person at Rutherford Pearls in Melbourne and loved it!

Understand that it may not be the best design for expensive pearls (as they might rub together) but I'd love a floating necklace with freshies.

Here are some examples listed for design purposes only (not pearl quality!)

I will second that, Hanadama. I particularly like the second photo. Good find.