New Bi-Monthly Digital Magazine #ThisIsPearl by CPAA


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Aug 26, 2005
Love to share this with all of you today. The CPAA has just launched a new digital magazine (in a very nice format, BTW) called #ThisIsPearl with lots of information, designer profiles, stories on Pearl Personalities...
Here is a sample of some of the articles on the December 2020 issue:
CPAA Member Survey Dic 2020.jpg
A market survey report by Jennifer Heebner! This kind of information has been hard to find ever since "Bo" Torrey's "Pearl World" went asunder.
Look! Our very own Sarah Cannizaro of "Kojima Pearl" fame! :D

I hope you find this new resource to be valuable and interesting...and lots of "eye candy" there in the new jewelry styles that can -perhaps- span new forum threads.

You can find it HERE.
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It's a great read! Also an fun article about Kamoka Pearls and their exclusive Harvest Strands!
I love that photo of Sarah; she looks so mysterious!

Yes indeed dear Pattye!
An article about Kamoka harvest strands, interview with Robert is a valuable resource :) and we will soon have a Spanish version available :D
And yes...Sarah looks great in that pic! Like a Pearly Messiah ;)
Thank you for the link! I look forward to reading and looking at the tempting glossy photos.
Seriously, that was a terrific read, and the photos are splendid. I recommend it!
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And you can subscribe to the Magazine via the CPAA's "Shells" newsletter :)
It was time for a periodical like this one...the one I liked the best -for the sheer volume of information was Richard Torrey's "Pearl World" and this one is very different, but also with great content but BEAUTIFUL in a way that "Pearl World" never was. Kudos for Jennifer Heebner!
And did I mention this? We will soon offer it in Spanish too!
Good morning and a great start of the week to all!

Have more news today...the CPAA is now offering the #ThisIsPearl digital bi-montlhy magazine in Spanish language too :)
Translations by yours truly :cool:
I feel HONORED to be a part of CPAA Life is taking me into an entirely different direction, and it feels GOOD.Screenshot 2021-01-18 081800.jpg
This is the LINK to the Spanish version.
That’s great, Douglas—both the offering of the bi-monthly magazine in Spanish, and your enjoyment of a new life direction. Myself, I need to do the course while I have the time. You’re inspiring me.
Bravo, I can’t wait to read the articles!!!! Exciting!
I received the link to the February edition but it says I am blocked. I remember reading the December issue but now I'm blocked from that, too. Did something change? I'm using the same web browser as before.
Good morning! :)
The new issue of #ThisiPearl came out yesterday! You can read it HERE.
There you will find my first "intro" article on Sustainability and Pearls!
ThisisPearl Feb 2021.jpg
Thank you for sharing. Can’t wait to read it. Congratulations on the publication of your article!
Thank you!
I will be having that same column right here on the forum, but in a way we can use it for discussions, answer questions and ponder on how our beautiful "pearls affect our world" and let me tell you: quite in a positive manner :)

We are prepping up the final details to our site's upgrade: we will have extra security features and once that is finished, the plans are to improve our forum's offering.

Have a great weekend and Chag Sameach to those celebrating Purim!
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Congratulations, Douglas. You are one talented guy!!!

Thank you dear friend :) but were it not for friends & family, just like you would simply not be possible to find enough "talent". YOU make it possible.
Have a blessed weekend!
The latest issue is out! Please find your read here!

An interesting read this month: Pearls in Politics, but this issue is full of goodies!
An interview with our own Red and Sarah from Ocean's Cove...Eliko Pearl...full of goodies!
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