New Bi-Monthly Digital Magazine #ThisIsPearl by CPAA

I love this publication, and I really appreciate your posting the link when new issues appear, Douglas. So much great information, well-written profiles, and major eye candy! I skimmed it, but I’m going to sit down later, put on a pearl rope, make a nice cup of tea, and peruse it at leisure.
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I just saw the April issue, and so delighted to be across the page from Sarah of OceansCove, and to feature her wire-wrapping on your Sea of Cortez keshi. I wear this necklace a lot as it adds a bit of color to any day. Thank you so much, my dear Pearl Friends.
Nice to see you back here dear friend! We miss you Red !
I loved reading your interview :D
It was so much fun to see this "in print"! Red, those keshi on your necklace are in I still dream of them!
Douglas, did you see the Sea of Cortez pendant that was featured in the section on mabes? You helped me select that one in Tucson a couple of years ago.
Hey JerseyPearl ! Yes I did! But was not sure if I helped you select it :)
Was it back when I introduced you to Yianni and Aquaprase?
Hey JerseyPearl ! Yes I did! But was not sure if I helped you select it :)
Was it back when I introduced you to Yianni and Aquaprase?

Yes, from that very first trip I had in Tucson! I had never met Yianni, but had been buying aquaprase before that trip.
BTW, for those members who don't know who Yianni is, check out his @gemexplorer feed on Instagram. He is a wealth of knowledge and an inspiration on ethical sourcing of gemstones.
Yianni is the "Greek Indiana Jones of the Sustainable Gem Industry"...amazing person, and a True Mensch!
It was great reading the interviews of dear pearl friends in the April issue of This is Pearl and to see other pearl friends mentioned showing their pearls.
And it is great to see you back dear newberry :arms:
The latest issue is out!
And the cover of the issue has our friend and forum member Josh Humbert of Kamoka Pearl fame in it :D
You can read it HERE or by clicking on the image.
TIP Cover with Josh.jpg
Hey! It is that time of the year when we get the shiny & new issue of #ThisIsPearl out :)
You can read it by clicking HERE
The Latest Issue is Out!

Some of the Highlights:
  • Abalone Cultured Pearls on the Spotlight!
  • Presenting the 2021 IPDC Winners
  • Pearl Prices Keep Climbing
  • Interview with Alexis Mazza
The magazine doesn't only have good articles... It has amazing photos!
And to keep up with the tradition of interesting articles AND great photos: This is this month's #ThisIsPearl magazine:

Really the best pearl read of this year, so far :)