Natural Golden Pearl Necklace at Bonham's Fine Jewelry Auction Oct 2014


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Oct 11, 2012
I thought you guys would enjoy this:

The SSEF report states that it is made of natural saltwater pearls - I wonder if it's P. maculata? I have a few pipis similar in color to these.


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wow, that's one heck of a strand of natural pearls. I'm actually surprised the estimated value is as low as it is, I would have expected 6 digits.
Fabulous natural necklace, and very special as triple strands, I wonder what date these were put together?

I suspect now that golden pearls are so highly regarded, these may go a lot higher than the estimate.

Here's an interesting thought. If you go back to Art Deco cultured strands quite a few had a distinct yellow/golden/green/bronze overtone. However the fashion from 50's/60's onward was for a very white color with pink overtones.

I guess the yellowish pearls become seconds/rejects to be bleached and post treated, meanwhile growers bred/selected for whiter pearls.

I wonder if the fashion had trended towards golden shades back in the early days of cultureds, whether selection and breeding could have produced cultured golden Akoyas that look like these?