Natural golden pearls necklace

I would not guess pipi pearls. They could be natural gold akoyas, for instance. Can you read French? :)
The gemological report (in English and French) just describes them as natural, untreated sea pearls.
Those do not appear to be pinctada maculata -- BUT I have seen basra pearls that color. They're gorgeous anyways, and despite the terrible photo quality on the site they appear to be quite round. 3400 to 4000USD is reasonable for a strand of naturals of that size and quality (again, terrible photo quality for visual assessment).
Yes, actually I went to see them the day before yesterday and the auction was yesterday afternoon.
I left an order but was outbid by 100 euros :(
The pearls definitely looked like pipi to me, but honestly I would be unable to say if they might be from another shell, the only natural golden pearls I have seen before were pipi. I don't know how others might look like and how to differentiate them.
The clasp looked antique, with a small sapphire surrounded by old cut diamonds, but of course you can never tell if the pearls haven't been restrung and if this is or not the original clasp.
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Just out of curiosity, what did they end up going for?
All fees included, it went for 4420 euros, more or less 4969 USD.
Less than the white natural pearls necklaces of similar quality which were in the same sale.
Far more than the white natural pears same size range I gave them to sell....
My both necklaces were 1,9 to 5, 5 and 2, 2 to 5, 2mm , both went for about 350$ and 250$...
A third 8 row went for same price range I lost about 500€ with them, excluding the fees they charged me...
No more in business with them.