My Tahitians finally arrived—can’t wait to do them up properly!


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Aug 11, 2019
I ordered them in early December, and then they had a leisurely 6-week holiday cruise to the US from China. (My bad—I will not order from there during the busy postal holiday season again!) They arrived last week, and I gave them a quick, provisional stringing job and then wore them constantly. They are not super high grade but I LOVE them. I knew I needed heavier Beader’s Secret, though, for these large, weighty, pearls, so I ordered Night and Storm in the #20 weight from Pattye. (Waves to Pattye :) ) Now I kind of wish I had ordered Plum, too . . . Dark blue, dark gray, or a wine color thread would all complement these.

Today I unstrung them from the #30 weight Night, and gave them a gentle bath. I’ll string them again later today. There are 18 pieces, but I need only 14 for a bracelet that fits me. I have a silver orbit clasp to use with them. The first one of those I’ve ever tried.

Thanks for looking! Would love any suggestions for color of thread or other hints about stringing large pearls. I’ve also considered bead bumpers.

Happy New Year again!





First quick iteration, before I deconstructed them today



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They look so pretty. I made the same mistake. Ordered some clasps in november, they arrived last monday.....
Thank you, Charlotta!

After their bath they were more vibrant. I restrung them on #20 Storm. The cool-toned gray in big knots looks lovely with them. I’d have waited to choose a thread, but I love wearing them! Photos soon, when the sun returns.
Very pretty Cece. I love the interesting shapes of the the pearls and how they work so well together.
Thank you both for your kind remarks. I can’t get the color variations to show up much in photos. Working on that! In the meantime, I strung them again on the heavier #20 Beader’s Secret in Storm. It’s a wonderful cool dark grey, and the extra weight did the trick.


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Here they are in their Etsy photo. The smaller and greyer ones on the strand are mine. The colors show up well in this photo.

I have some more on order that I can’t wait to see. They are in the second photo.

Thanks again for looking!


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Sometimes heavier tread really is needed. Your bracelet looks lovely. Your new peacock that you have ordered looks beautiful as well.
Thank you, Charlotta! So pleased with the cool shimmery gray thread. They feel very nice on and look beautiful in various light situations. I guess it’s just a fact that Tahitians are hard to photograph accurately.

I’d love a necklace, but I most enjoy being able to look what I’m wearing. So the big round ones will eventually be a bracelet if all goes well. I’m thinking Plum thread and a silver S-hook clasp. It’s fun to have something to look forward to.
I think that plum will look great with those pearls. It's always nice to have something to look forward to, I haven't anything at the moment that are arriving except for two books. Saving up for the Hongkong fair.
Wow, Cece, just look at all your glowy, colorful pearls! Agree, bracelets are the BEST; we'll never be bored when we can admire the colors and overtones! Thanks for sharing your choice of thread colors, too! PLUM is fairly new; I'm planning to string very dark Tahitians with it for the first time.
Thank you, Pattye! Would love to see your dark Tahitians on PLUM when done, if you’d like to share. I really love STORM with that first strand. Gray, but cool and shimmery, therefore full of interest along with the pearls!